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#4 Road Notice

January 7, 2019

From the Desk of the Musselshell County Commissioners to the Residents of Musselshell County

RE: #4 Rd.


Since the flood of 2011 #4 Rd. has flooded repeatedly.

In 2015 the Musselshell Watershed Coalition wrote a grant to identify problems that create repeated flooding along the Musselshell River from Johnson Rd. to Watkins Rd. which is distance of approximately 10 miles.

To address this type of infrastructure fix it takes a consensus of the County Commissioners.

In November of this year a Presidential Declaration of Disaster for the 2018 spring flooding of the Musselshell River was announced. #4 Rd. has been identified a disaster which means there will be federal funding to help fix the issues.

The initial cost to relocate a portion of #4 Rd. from the bridge closest to Roundup northerly to US Hwy 12 E is anticipated to be about $650,000. For a comparison, our annual Road Department budget just for material to build roads is only about $56,000 with and additional $21,000 from the BARSSA funding, not nearly enough to undertake this kind of project. For a more complete list of the projects that are in the declaration please contact our DES coordinator at 323-2777.

The Musselshell County Commissioners, the Road Dept., DES and the staff of the Clerk & Recorder’s office have been working with engineers, landowners, DEQ, FEMA, DNRC to discuss the new route, legal procedures and funding.

SO, because of the extensive damage due to the prolonged flooding we are anticipating and preparing for #4 Rd. to flood again this coming 2019 spring.

Please be prepared to use alternative route E. Parrot Creek Rd. to US HWY 12 E., if you are unfamiliar with this route please call and we will be glad to give you those directions.

We understand and sympathize with the inconvenience, but ask for your patience as the wheels of this type of infrastructure moves slowly.

Please call the County Commissioners if you have any concerns or questions. We encourage you to come to our discussions regarding #4 Rd. during the weekly Road Department meeting at 9:30 a.m. Monday mornings.

Last modified: March 4, 2019

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