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Clerk of District Court

Clerk of District Court Musselshell Conty Montana

Phone: 406-323-1413
Fax: 406-323-1710
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506 Main Street
Roundup, MT 59072
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Clerk of District Court
Barb Halverson

Deputy Clerk of Court
Barbara LaPierre
Laneva Brainard


The Clerk of District Court’s office is the “Hub” of the Judicial System.

The staff in the Clerk’s office take minutes during all Musselshell County District Court hearings and trials. All actions that take place in the Judicial System are filed with the Clerk of District Court by Attorneys or in some cases, Pro se (when you file your own documents). LEGAL FORMS, LAWS & LEGAL INFORMATION refer to: Montana Courts Library and Montana Law Help.

This office prepares jury selection each year, which is picked randomly by computer from the list compiled by the Secretary of State. Our jurors are empaneled from July 1st of the given year through June 30th of the following year.

Legal Filings:

The Clerk of Court and the Deputies have to know the law, but “cannot” practice law, so a word of warning, if you come to us and want to know the procedure, documents required and all the rest that goes along with taking legal action, we can not give legal advise. There is some information we can provide, but it is very limited. For legal forms, including Dissolution of Marriage and Parenting Plan forms, Montana laws and information, please refer to the Montana State Law Library at and Montana Law Help. Also, Yellowstone County’s Self Help Law Center is located at 3021 3rd Ave. North; Phone number: 406-869-3531.

Filing Fees:

  • Adoptions – Filing Petition $105.00
  • Amendment of Parenting Plan – Contested only (does not apply to cases dealing with child support only) $120.00
  • Appeal From Lower Court – Does not apply to Small Claims cases $30.00
  • Appeal From District Court to Supreme Court – Cost of mailing case to Supreme Court can also be required $5.00
  • Appearance – For the appearance of each defendant or each respondent $70.00
  • Authentication/Exemplification – For authenticated or exemplified copies for out of state jurisdictions $6.00
  • Certification – For Certification with a Seal $2.00
  • Civil Commencement of Action – For each action or proceeding from the plaintiff, petitioner, or appellant (includes Invalidity) $120.00
  • Copy of Decree of Dissolution – For each copy of a decree (separately filed parenting plans or property settlement agreements not included (does not include Certification) $10.00
  • Copy of Marriage License – For each copy of a marriage license (does not include Certification) $5.00
  • Copies of Other Documents – $1.00 per page (1st 10 pages), $.50 additional pages
  • Declaration of Marriage – For filing and recording the Declaration $53.00
  • Dissolution Commencement of Action – For filing Petition (includes Summary and Joint Dissolution) $200.00
  • E-mail/Fax Filing (Incoming) – $.50 per page
  • E-mail/Fax Copies (Outgoing)  – $.25 per page
  • Executions/Writs of Assistance/Orders of Sale – For Issuance $5.00
  • Foreign Capital Depository Judgment – For filing the judgment $2,500.00
  • Foreign Judgment – For filing authenticated copy and $90.00
  • Judgment Entry Fee – $50.00

Marriage Licenses

The Bride and Groom Need:

  1. License Fee – $53.00
  2. Picture ID and Birth Certificate
  3. Birth city, county, state or foreign country of applicants
  4. Social Security Number
  5. Father’s first, middle and last name along with current city of state of residence
  6. Mother’s first, middle and maiden name along with current city and state of residence
  7. State or foreign country where parents were born
  8. If applicable must know the dates of applicant’s previous marriage dissolution or spousal death and the county and state of occurrence
  9. Must be at least 18 years of age or older

Montana Residents may obtain a marriage license and get married in any Montana county. Non-residents must obtain a marriage license in the county in which they are getting married.

Family History Records

Public records held at the Clerk of District Court’s office include marriage licenses, probates, dissolution (divorce), civil, and criminal files. We also have some Naturalization documents. All filings begin in 1911 to present. To request information on a person, you may come to the office or write a letter asking for the information. Please include payment in the written requests; searches will not be conducted without receipt of the proper fee amount.

  • Search Fee: $2.00 per name per year for the first 7 years, then $1.00 for each additional year.
  • Marriage License Fee: $5.00 for a copy of a marriage license plus $2.00 if requesting a certified copy (used for legal purposes)
  • Dissolution Decree Fee: $10.00 for copy of divorce decree plus $2.00 if requesting a certified copy (used for legal purposes).
  • Copy Charges: $1.00 per page for the first 10 pages, then $.50 per page thereafter.
  • Fax/E-mail – ( Incoming) Fees: $.50/page
  • Fax/E-mail – (Outgoing) Fees: $.25/page


The Clerk of Court is appointed by the Federal Government to handle Passport applications. The Clerk and staff have had extensive training in this and it is a complex procedure.  Although not a County function, handling of passport applications is an important, convenient and confidential service provided for the residents of Musselshell County. The Clerk of Court’s office in Roundup is the only location in Musselshell County appointed to sell a passport.

There is an application required which can be picked up at our office, one passport photograph, U.S citizenship evidence (which is sent in and returned to applicant with Passport), and applicable fees (adult book – $130 and under age 16 – $100, payable to U.S. Department of State; $35 payable to Clerk of Court.

Passport Cards are also available which are good for travel by land or sea only. The fees for them are adult – $30 and under age 16 – $15, payable to U.S. Department of State and $35 payable to Clerk of Court.

Adult passports and cards are good for ten (10) years and passports of individuals under age 16 are valid for five (5) years.

Renewal applications can also be picked up at our office. See

Documents to bring:

  1. Certified or original of U.S. citizenship evidence, See Travel.State.Gov.
  2. 2 x 2 inch color passport photo (we take photos onsite for $5.00)
  3. A valid driver’s license or state-issued photo ID (Out of state ID requires a 2nd  form of ID)
  4. Both parents need and sign and accompany a minor under age 16 (Statement of Consent or Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances may be used). Child’s US Passport video:

It takes approximately seven (7) weeks to ten (10 weeks to process and receive the passport. For an additional $60 fee, the application can be sent “expedited” and takes approximately four (4) to six (6) weeks to process.

Life or Death Emergency Appointments and Urgent Travel (Non-Emergency) appointments may be made by calling the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778.

Applications and updated information can be obtained from Travel.State.Gov.



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