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Clerk & Recorder

Musselshell County Clerk & Recorder









Cheryl Tomassi
Clerk & Recorder & Election Administrator


Bonadee Hagstrom
Deputy Clerk & Recorder/Executive Assistant


Billie Schenk- Claims Clerk


Garilynn Rapp– Payroll/Deputy


Phone: 406-323-1104
Fax: 406-323-3303
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506 Main Street
Roundup, MT 59072
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  • Military Discharge  – No charge can only be issued to service person or persons legally entitled thereto, upon proof of entitlement
  • UCC lien filing – $8.00
    • UCC continuation or amendment – $5.00
    • Termination of UCC filing – no charge
  • Filed Document – $5.00
  • Subdivision Plats – $25.00 and $.50 for each lot in the subdivision up to and including 100, then $.25 per lot
    for each lot in excess of 100
  • Certificates of Survey – $25.00 plus $.50 for each parcel
  • Certified copies of recorded or filed documents – $2.00 certification fee plus copy fees
  • Copies of documents (not certified) – $.50 for the first page of each document and then $.25 for the next pages
  • Certified copies of Death Certificates – $7.00
  • Certified copies of Birth Certificates – $8.00
  • Corner Recordations – no charge

Recording Information

  • Documents Standards: 7-4-2636 MCA, 7-4-2637 MCA
  • Documents must be legibly printed or typed in black in at least 10-point typeface, not including the signature, on white paper of not less than 20-pound weight, each page of which must be separated and have dimensions of either 8 ½ X 11 inches or 8½ X14 inches.
  • Provide names of parties to the conveyance on the first or second page of any document with more than one page.
  • Provide a complete legal description of the property.
  • At least a 3-inch margin at the top of the first page, and at least a 1-inch at the top of all subsequent pages.  At least a 1-inch margin on the bottom of each page, and at least ½ inch on the sides of each page.
  • Include the name and Mailing address of the person to whom the document is to be returned in the margin in the upper left-hand corner of the first page of each document submitted and may include legibly printed in ink or typed.  This must be within the 3 inch top margin and between the ½ side margins.

Fees for Recording

  • $ 8.00 per page for documents that meet the above requirements
  • If the document does not meet the above requirements the cost of recording document will then be $18.00 for the first page and then another $8.00 per page for each additional page.
  • Filed Document are $5.00

County Documents


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