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Court Compliance

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This course is for Juvenile offenders with tickets for Alcohol, 8 hour course with a health professional and Court Compliance Officer covering the actual cost, emotional, physical, and psychological consequences of alcohol. We interact with the parents in this course to go over consequences and parent tips on helping them help their child with better choices and setting goals for the family and their future. $85


This 8 hour course also has a health professional and CCO. We reevaluate the goals, consequences and tips for better choices. Additionally we have the Juvenile write a two page paper on the effects of alcohol on teenage minds and present in class. Parents are again attending for support, and reevaluate their family action plans and house rules and Consequences. $120

Tobacco MIP

This course is 8 hours. This class covers the cost and harm done to the Juvenile while using tobacco products. This class gives the juvenile the cost of product over time and also the health care cost they will have in the future. Also the medical risks for themselves and those around them. $60


Defensive Driving is taught by the CCO. This class is a 4 hour class from the MT.-WY. Highway safety Council. First ticket offenders are allowed to take this course to have the offense removed from their records. The class stresses the defensive driving and planning while driving. NO texting and how to control yourself behind the wheel of your car. $80

Aggression Control

(16-20 hrs. over 10 to 12 weeks.) Adults sent by Justice Court District Court or Probation and Parole.  This class gives the skills and techniques used to control their anger. We start with the basics of learning our trigger points and plan situations so as to help our coping skills. Intervention and pre planning are the basis of learning to listen to our thoughts and feelings to learn why we get angry. $125

Aggression Control Youth

(10 hours over 6-8 weeks) Juveniles are sent by Youth Probation, Family services & Justice Court. Class covers feelings and trigger points. We try to find a plan of action and to learn intervention thoughts and safety plans. We stress safety and healthy forms of communication. We also plan strategies on removal from situations that have led to problems in the past. $125

CP&R Adults

Class is 12 weeks. Adults are sent by District Court, Justice Court & Probation and Parole. Class covers the same material developed by the MT DOC. Stress is given on thinking errors and learning to listen and respond to trigger thoughts and to change our thinking process to prevent hurting themselves or others. They also learn their criminal cycle to prevent relapses. $150

Thinking Errors

Juveniles are sent from Justice Court and Youth Probation. We stress prevention of escalating action in the Juveniles. To give the knowledge of foundation errors and to think BIG picture instead of right now. $60

Thinking Errors Advanced

Juvenile are sent from Justice Court and Youth Probation. This class is more in depth check on our foundations errors and masks that prevent them from harming themselves or those around them. Thinking error reports to confirm where our Intervention thoughts should be and plans on how to deal with peer pressure. $140

Community Service

Adults are placed in nonprofit organizations to complete their Court ordered community service. CCO office sets up contact and oversees and notifies the court or P&P of compliance and progress. The client is also covered by worker comp. $25 per 50 hours

Community Service

Juveniles are sent by District Court, Justice Court and Youth Probation. The youth are supervised by the CCO on scheduled days to complete hours to pay back the Community for their offense.  CS consist of sweeping streets, mowing lawns, painting fairgrounds, pulling  weeds, shoveling sidewalks…etc. The point of CS is to give the Juvenile an appreciation of their community and to confer consequences of actions that are not acceptable. Juveniles are covered by workers comp. $25 per 50 hours

UA/ Hair Drug Testing

Adults/Juvenile are sent by District court, Family Services, P&P.  Drug testing can be one time or long term.  CCO supervises collection and shipping to Lab for further testing. CCO also informs the office of testing results. Also appearing in court when necessary. $100 Hair/ $65 UA


A handheld unit used by the client to determine BAC. $18 per day

House Arrest

Adults/Juveniles are sent by District Court, Justice Court, Youth Probation, P&P. GPS and Home monitoring is available 24/7. CCO sets parameters, schedules and monitors any events that may happen to inform the Sheriff’s office of any violations. GPS $18 /Home Guard $14 /Alcohol TAD $18 per day


Juvenile and adults are sent by Justice Court & District court to check in Daily weekly, or monthly before trial. CCO keeps the Court informed of violations to check in for further action. $35 per month

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