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Central Commons Facility

Central Commons Ribbon Cutting

Community Use Of Musselshell County Central Commons Facility

610 2nd ST W
Roundup, MT 59072
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Cheryl Tomassi
Clerk & Recorder & Election Administrator

Bonadee Hagstrom
Deputy Clerk & Recorder

Phone: 406-323-1104
Fax: 406-323-3303
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The Board of County Commissioners subscribes to the belief that the Musselshell County Central Commons and Senior Center (the Commons) is owned and operated by and for its patrons and that the facility should become an integral part of the community in terms of its intellectual and social expression and development.  To this end the Board encourages the public use of the Commons facility.

Authorization for use of the Commons facility shall not be considered as endorsement of or approval of the activity group or organization or the purposes they represent.

The Senior Center activities shall have first priority.  The right to authorize use of the Commons facility shall be retained by the Board.  Community use will be only at such times as the facility required are free.

General Procedures

  1. The Clerk & Recorder’s Office will be responsible for maintaining, an accurate calendar of all uses of the Commons and community groups/members.
  2. All parties who wish to use the facility outside of regularly scheduled Musselshell County Council on Aging activities must have authorization and scheduling with the Clerk & Recorder’s Office.  This authorization must be obtained and scheduled 8 days ahead of the day of use.
  3. The Commissioners shall determine and the Board shall approve all universal fees for fee-use of The Commons facility.
  4. Sponsoring organizations shall provide sufficient competent adult and/or special supervision, and the amount of adequate supervision will be agreed upon at the time the authorization is issued.
  5. Alcoholic beverages will not be permitted in the Commons at any time without consent of the County Commissioners.
  6. All applicants for use of the Commons facility shall hold Musselshell County free and without harm, for any loss, damage liability, or expense that may arise during or be caused in any way by such use or occupancy of the facility.  In the event that property loss or damage is incurred by the Commons during such use or occupancy of the facility the amount of damage shall be decided by the Head Maintenance and approved by the Board and a bill for damages will be presented to the group using or occupying the facility during the time the loss or damage was sustained.
  7. All County groups using the Commons facility whose events are not open to or directly serving the citizens of Musselshell County must purchase independent liability insurance.

Community Use Of Facility

Priority of use:

  1. Top priority- Musselshell County Council on Aging use
  2. County Meetings
  3. Community
    As scheduled:
    a. Community benefit (non-profit)
    b. Community benefit (profit)

Non-profit organizations residing within the County will be provided facility use at no charge unless admission is charged.  If admission is charged, the group will be charged a rental fee for each paying session.  Any individual or group that is not non-profit will pay a rental fee for facility use regardless if admission is charged.

If the use of a facility by any group or individual requires the services County personnel, a charge of $4.00 per hour over minimum wage, per individual will be charged.  Access to equipment will be provided when reasonable. If further cleaning or maintenance of the facility is required after the activity, the organization will be charged at the rate of $4.00 per hour over minimum wage to enable activities the following day.

Community Use Of Facility- Recommended Minimum Fees

The request of the Commons facility by any individual or group for recreational purposes will be charged the standard rental fee.  These charges are on a per day basis.  Make checks payable to Musselshell County.

Standard Rental Fees

  • Musselshell County Central Commons: $25
  • With kitchen: $25.00 more a day. Does not include Council on Aging kitchenware.
  • Refundable Key Deposit: $50
  • Refundable Cleaning Fee Deposit of $250

Download the Complete Policy Document & Agreement (PDF)

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