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August 4, 2023 Minutes

August 11, 2023

August 4, 2023

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 by Commissioner Turley. Commissioner Pancratz and Commissioner Goffena were present. Minutes done by Garilynn Rapp.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Commissioner Pancratz made the motion to approve the agenda. Commissioner Goffena seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Board meetings:

Commissioner Pancratz followed up with the State Tax Appeal Board regarding training. A zoom event will be held on August 8th with in-person training to be held on August 13th. Commissioners discussed a stipend of $50.00 per meeting and paid travel for Musselshell County attendees.

Commissioner Turley attended the Roundup Memorial Hospital (RMH) Board meeting on August 3rd. RMH has ended its fiscal year with positive cash. Billings Clinic accountant Anne Kloppel indicated that RMH may be in a position to prepay a portion of long-term debt, which is very encouraging news. Director of Nursing Cindy Moore stated that Governor Gianforte will be at RMH August 17th at 10:30 AM to congratulate a long-lived resident Veteran. Valerie Russell, PAC, indicated that positive staffing updates have occurred with a medical doctor remaining on staff at some capacity. Val also stated that trauma preparedness at RMH remains on track, and Hospital credentials are up to date. Anne Kloppel of Billings Clinic stated that a Level One Trauma designation has been provided to Billings Clinic, which is quite positive given the RMH relationship with Billings Clinic. Level One Trauma designation is the highest level in Montana. Very positive meeting overall.

Maintenance Supervisor Jett met with commissioners with her weekly update. They reviewed the sidewalk at the Commons in need of repair/replacement, as well as the concrete pad needing repair/replacement as the courthouse. She will be putting in an ad in the newspaper advertising both jobs. Ms. Jett updated the commissioners on the maintenance shed project, she has received one bid. Discussion on the handicap parking sign to be relocated.

Community Agent Jennifer Solf met with the commissioners she updated them on current events. Reviewed new wash station at Fairgrounds for market hogs that was donated to the community by a local family. Fair results will be published in the newspaper next week. Restrooms to be pumped this week for the final events of summer. The Mule Clinic will be taking place August 17th-19th.

Sheriff Lesnik gave his weekly report to the Commissioners. He has interviewed candidates for the open Deputy position. He has not had any applications for the deputy jailer position. Sheriff sale coming up on August 25th for 814 1st Street West, currently posted and will be ran in the newspaper for 3 weeks prior to sale. Deputy Gatlin is in training for School Resource Officer.

DES Coordinator Darren Rook met with the Commissioners with his weekly update. DES met with FEMA, on Aug.1st to discuss Musselshell County collector roads. FEMA is now in talks with the Federal Highway Dept. DES met with Wendy Jones to discuss the water conservation districts’ help during a flood. She’ll be attending the LEPC Meeting on August 8th at 12:00. She will assist in reviewing permits. Fire Warden reports 2 Wildland Fires both are contained. Burn Ban in effect with continuous review on enacting restrictions. Temps are not expected to hit 90 degrees again until Aug. 22nd. Darren is working on getting everyone set up on the IamResponding database that allows volunteers and emergency personnel to communicate on an app that they are responding to emergency calls. The dept. has issued 5 new addresses this week.

Commissioners met with Musselshell County employee regarding a HR issue.

Public Comment

Mayor Jones spoke with the commissioners about erecting a permanent storage facility for use by the baseball team, swim team, soccer as well as for RIDE. An agreement will be provided from the City to the County within the next few weeks.

Theresa Doumitt updated the commissioners on the welcome kiosk. She’s working to get a completion timeline. She also updated on Central School. The bell tower has been restored to historic code and painted with grant funds received for the project.

There being no further business Commissioner Pancratz made the motion to adjourn. Commissioner Goffena seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

August 7, 2023 Road Department Minutes Done by Road Secretary Newman.

  1. FEMA information: Kelly from FEMA has been looking into the major collector roads (# 4 Road) for us. What she has found is It is the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is the ones that would/should be helping us with major collector road way. We are waiting for more information from her.
  2. Goffena Bridge MDT wants the Road Department to use there (MDT) flood plain permit to take care of the culvert and embankment to the Goffena Bridge by April. Tom is hoping WEATHER DEPENDING to possibly be able to get it done over winter. Cody from MDT will be in contact with Tom to let him know how they are wanting it done. MDT plans to let out bids at the end of the month.


  1. Been working on mowing North District is almost done. Working on Snowy Mountain Road. The plan is to get back to working on Goffena Road and Eagle Rock Road.

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