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Commissioner Agenda March 12, 2018

March 9, 2018

*There will be no business decisions due to the fact that all three Commissioners will not be present on March 12, 2018*




Public Comments on any public matter within the jurisdiction of the Commission

9:00 Lorie Jett/Harry Foster/personnel

9:30 Road Department Official Agenda March 12, 2018

Road Department was unable to make the March 5, 2018 meeting due to snow.

1. Gas Tax.

2. Sand in two locations for sand bags.

3. Personnel matter.

10:00 Sheriff

10:30 Accounting

11:00 DES

11:30 Andy Koval/Timber Tracks Building

12:00 Lunch


1:30 Mark Qualman-update of Musselshell County Central Commons

2:00 JK Kuzara-Public Participation and Comment Policy



Public Comment on any public matter within the jurisdiction of the

Commission that is not on the agenda.

All business and resolutions approved and voted on by the Commissioners.


1. Discuss & vote on the placement of the new Weed Building.2. Discuss and approve that agenda items should be approved following the close of the current Monday business for the following week.

3. Discuss and approve the notice regarding regulation of public comments during Commissioner meetings.

4. Sign the Inter Local Agreement between Musselshell County and Friends of the Musselshell School, Inc. where Musselshell County will furnish through a grant, the use of a generator, if available and electrical hookup to be used during a disaster at no cost to the Board of directors.

5. Re-assess the cost of an HR/ investigator.





Last modified: March 4, 2019

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