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Commissioner minutes August 21, 2017

September 21, 2017


August 21, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 by Commissioner Goffena. Commissioner Borner and Berry were present. Secretary Hagstrom was absent for medical leave.

Road Department Secretary Kenner gave her weekly report to the Commissioners. After research and advice from MACo Land Attorney Tara Depuy, a letter was sent to Mr. Ghionea and Mr La Bret regarding the status of a County Road. Any decision will be made by the court. Roads will be bladed as soon as we get rain.

Sheriff Thomas gave his weekly report to the Commissioners. A citizen who is on the Board of Directors for Montana Nurses lives in the country and has spotty internet service. Sheriff Thomas is allowing her to use their secure, reliable access for a couple hours a month. They are working on making the impound area more secure. The sheriffs office roof was discussed and Mr. Thomas would like to talk to Morris and Mariele regarding engineering of the roof.

DES Coordinator Carlson gave his weekly report to the Commissioners. Mr. Carlson discussed the $23,476.48 for the cost of the SCBA’s ( self contained breathing apparatus) to come out of emergency fund 2260. He recommends we urge the Fire department to have a replacement plan in place to make sure they have funds available to replace them on a regular basis. The County purchase for the SCBA’s will be on the agenda for discussion as well as a strong recommendation for a replacement plan to be in place. The County Fire Department has requested a command type vehicle. Pick up will be this week.

Mark Qualman with Quest Services Corp. Met with the Commissioner regarding the Social Services projects. Brian Johnson and Jason Fitzgerald from Collaborative Design, Brenda Vescovi, Natalie Hazelton, Cheryl Goffena, Amy Angel, Kathy Pfister and Chad Sealey were also present. Mr. Johnson provided floor plans showing the Center for the Council on Aging food service layout, two different floor plan layouts and an exterior perspective along with what is included in the base bid and what can be added as alternatives. Mr. Johnson discussed the Food Bank Annex, a new interior design layout for the shelf space along with a description of what is included in the base bid and what alternatives can be added if desired. Mr. Johnson also provided an exterior design perspective for the Food Bank. Also an exterior design perspective of the Panther Den with a list of alternatives options regarding renovations of the building was provided. (All layouts are available at the Clerk and Recorders Office for viewing) Collaborative Design is now waiting on approval from the Commissioners regarding design information along with approval on the base bid items and any alternates. All parties went to the Center to discuss issues.

There was no public comment:

Item #3 to make a decision on the purchase of the Panther Den was tabled until next weeks business. Item #4 to decide on encasing the asbestos in the Central School or go with Brownsfield was tabled until next weeks business.

Commissioner Berry made the motion to approve and sign the Agreement for Musselshell County MCH Services, Fetal, Infant, Child and Maternal Mortality Review Memorandum Of Understanding and the Mental Child health Block Grant Match. Commissioner Borner second the motion with Discussion. Commissioner Berry inquired about how the prices compared to last year. Prices and Agreements were discussed. Motion carried.

Commissioner Borner made the motion to approve the Encroachment Permit for pipelines in Section 6, 7, 8, 18, 19 and 20 of T-9-N, R-26-E, Gage Road and Big Wall Road, submitted by Brandon Adolph. Commissioner Borner seconded the motion pending approval from Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert. Motion carried.

There being no further business the motion was made to adjourn. Motion carried.

Last modified: December 13, 2017

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