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Commissioner Minutes August 27, 2018

September 14, 2018

Commissioner Minutes August 27, 2018


Robert Goffena, Tom Berry were present Nicole Borner came in at 9:40 a.m. during the road department meeting.


The minutes were taken by Clerk & Recorder Tomassi. Secretary Hagstrom was absent.


9:30 a.m. Tom Stockert was present for road department meeting. Tom and the Commissioners discussed the bids for replacing the roof of the shop. The only building that had insurance on it was the main road department building all the other ones had no insurance. Lekse Construction LLC had the best bid to replace the roof on the county shop. Tom will call Lekse Construction LLC and let them know that they won the bid.


Received two bids on the side dump trailer and Tom would like to go forward with the help from Snowy Mountain Development in obtaining a grant from the coal board for purchase of the side dump trailer. Commissioner gave approval to contact SMDC.


Road Department received a $350,000 grant from the coal board through SMDC in order to purchase a new road grader. Tom asked for permission to contact Kathy Bailey at SMDC to see if she can help re-write the $350,000 grant approval that will allow Musselshell County to purchase a used grader and recondition the 1996 160H grader that the road department currently has instead of buying a brand new grader. The Commissioner approved Tom’s request to work with Kathy Bailey.


Tom discussed the BARSSA funds that will be available for next year and the possibilities of where to use monies for a hot mix for Horsethief Road.


Tom was concern regarding the 2018-2019 road department budget and if there were possible layoffs in the future? The Commissioners are still working on the budget and no layoffs in the near future.


10:00 a.m. Sheriff Thomas met with commissioners. Salvage vehicle were discussed because Bob mention that there is a lady that is interested in purchasing one of the salvage vehicles. Sheriff Thomas said that some of those vehicles are missing titles and he will need to discuss with the County Attorney the process because the county doesn’t actually own them so he wasn’t sure what the county can do with them.


Currently there are 5 people in jail.


Sheriff Thomas discussed the hail damaged police vehicles. There are 4 that the sheriff department would like to keep. The Crown Vic is totaled and goes for sure. They would like to get rid of the 2013 silver Ford Explorer if possible and keep the 2006 GMC Brown Truck.


Amy Angel joined meeting


10:30 a.m. Kevin Peterson met with Commissioners and asked permission to change the job status for Secretary Teresa Fauth. Amy recommended that Kevin completes a change of status sheet and have the Commissioners sign.


10:45 Amy Angel discussed budgets with commissioners and went over individual line items.


11:00 Justin Russell joined meeting and discussed what DES/Rural Addressing was currently doing. (I wasn’t in the meeting to take notes.


Amy Angel discussed budgets the rest of the morning with the Commissioners.



1:30 p.m. Mark Qualman from Collaborate Design, Jamie Writesel from Cucancic and Amy Angel were present.


Mark discussed hail damage to the roof and HVAC unit for the Musselshell County Central Commons and that the insurance companies are going back and forth regarding who is responsible for the repairs. Jaime from Cucancic handed out the email from his insurance company for review. (SEE ATTACHED)


Mark discussed the punch list of items that needs to be fixed. Jamie from Cucancic requested that Mark send him the list of items on the punch list and he will get them fixed.


Jamie discussed payment that is owed and that he needs the check for $81K now or there is going to be a lien placed on the property. Mark didn’t see any reason why Cucancic couldn’t receive the $81k check today and then receive the 25k retainer once the punch items are done. Amy Angel handed Jamie the check for $81k.


Jamie said that there is no reason why the punch list can’t be completed by mid-September.


Roger from Montana Made Projects joined the meeting and discussed the leaks in the court house roof. He said that the leaks are coming from the HVAC unit and the drain pipe. The commissioners are working on replacing the HVAC unit and Roger will fix the leak around the drain pipe.


3:00 Public Comment


Tana Cates discussed why the Sheriff Department is coming in and performing coroner calls on her hospice patients when they die, but they are not doing it at the Roundup Nursing Home. She has contact the Attorney General’s office. The Commissioners said that they will discuss issue with the Sheriff.


Tom moved to open bids and then table. Nicole 2nd.

Lekse Construction for courthouse windows $24,919.35 Commons $5880.

Windoor Courthouse windows $18,904 (29 windows) Commons $12,063.74


Tom will call Pella windows to get bid and call the other two to see if we can get blinds in the windows.


Nicole made motion to accept Lekse Construction LLC bid for $45,850 to replace the main building roof at the road department. Tom 2nd motion. All in favor.


Accounting Supervisor Angel met with the Commissioners for the rest of the day to go over budgets.


Meeting closed.

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