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Commissioner Minutes December 17, 2018

January 7, 2019

December 17, 2018

The meeting was opened at 9:00 by Commissioner Borner. Commissioner Berry was present.  Commissioner Goffena was in the building but not in the meeting.

Lorie Jett and Adam Carlson were present.

Old Business:

Old ambulance barn roof.   Need to talk to Ron Solberg

Roof on new ambulance barn. Need to talk to Ron Solberg

Bids for the Extension Office/Servpro. Need to let Mark Qualman know the Commissioners agreed to have him do the bid package.

Relocation of #4 Road. Is on the agenda for the Road Department

Wells Fargo Building. Commissioner Berry is going to see how much the utilities were for the building.

Sheriff impound building. Is going to be taken off the old business until the Commissioners get the numbers of the budget after all the hail repairs.

Maintenance of County owned property. Will discuss more in the spring.

Heat in the Courtroom. Taken care of

Storage in District Courtroom. Still no bid

County Complex Office(s) for JP. On going

Steps at the Courthouse. Talk to Amy Angel about Winkler.

Mower/snow remover from the school. The School Board has to advertise for 2 weeks.

Bids for windows for the Commons. Will be opened at 3:00 business.

The minutes from the December 10, 2018 meeting were not reviewed by all Commissioners.

Commissioner Berry said that Larry from Pella windows called and the windows are in. We need a place to store them. Commissioner Borner mentioned getting repairs for hail damaged outside wiring for security cameras.  Director of Technology Toombs will be contacted. Commissioner Borner also said that we need to call Collaborative Design and ask Brian Johnson if he talked to his structural engineer regarding the Commons doors and cracks in the walls..

Maintenance Supervisor Jett met with the Commissioners regarding the Commons doors. Commissioner Berry mentioned waiting until the building settles but in the meantime get measurements and possibly using the old courthouse doors. Commissioner Borner said that after we talk to the structural engineer we need to make a plan. Ms. Jett said that the heat in the Courtroom is working.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert and Secretary Kenner gave their weekly report to the Commissioners. We are waiting on a letter of intent to dedicate a ROW on the Pedrazzi property for the possible relocation of #4 Road. The fuel pump replacement should be happening sooner than expected. There was a resident that has a flooding problem and has been told numerous times that approaches are not County responsibility. They are getting a lot of roads done while the weather cooperates. There is a Coal Board Meeting in Billings on December 20, 2018.

Commissioner Goffena joined the meeting.

Mr. Stockert wanted to let the Commissioners know that he is getting a lot of slack regarding the mile of Cameron Road that was fixed by the Road Department.

Mr. Stockert wants it known that he alone made the decision to fix the road and was not directed by anyone else.

Clerk & Recorder Tomassi met with the Commissioners regarding the Election recount. Ms. Tomassi feels like she has no legal representation and has zero confidence in how this is all being done and would like different council. She had never even talked to the appointed lawyer (Walter Congdon) until the conference call in the Commissioner’s Office last Monday December 10th.  Ms. Tomassi also said she has never been advised as to when the recount will be but was told that it is this Friday, December 21. Ms. Tomassi also said that she would like the e-mails and cell phones of the County Attorney’s Office, Treasure’s Office and all of the poll watchers for possible future litigation. Commissioner Berry suggested calling Mr. Congdon.  Mr. Congdon was called and asked when the recount was going to be.  He said he is hoping for Friday the 21 but is waiting on a call from Yellowstone Election Administrator Rutherford. Mr. Congdon said that he is trying to keep the County away from litigation and make sure the process is done correctly. Ms. Tomassi asked that along with certain County employees that are having their e-mails and cellphone messages preserved she would like to have Mr. Burns poll watchers also preserved. Mr. Congdon said he would discuss it with Mr. Burns Attorney and get back to us.  Mr. Congdon did not call back.

Accounting Supervisor Angel met with the Commissioners. Commissioner Borner asked if there was money in the budget for some remodeling at the County Complex. Ms. Angel said if there is it would be in the Capital Improvement account. Commissioner Berry said that he is going to keep talking to the people that own the Wells Fargo Building and see if we can purchase at a discount but then we will have to come up with the money for maintenance. Mr. Berry will check on how much the heating and electric bills were. Ms. Angel suggested selling the County owned property east of town. Ms. Angel told the Commissioners that her Black Mountain Computer program keeps getting corrupted. They say the reason is because we don’t have enough speed to support it. They are testing they system but if it fails they are going to get estimates for wide open internet. The school did it and loves it, also it should save money. It also should regulate streaming internet usage.

DES Coordinator Fisher gave his weekly report to the Commissioners. A resident came in to the office to make arrangements regarding his violation of a Flood Plain Permit. MR. Fisher met with Fish Wildlife and Parks again and they should be able to start the process of a fishing access on County owned property this spring.  We are waiting on a call from Rodeghieros regarding an easement for the access.   State Hazard Mitigation Officer Kyle Sturgill told Mr. Fisher that if certain things apply, the Busy Bee property could possibly do another FEMA buy-out Grant.  Mr. Fisher thinks we should finish the one we have going before we start a new one.

Sheriff Thomas gave his weekly report to the Commissioners. There are 3 in jail at this time. There is1 Deputy that is going to be leaving. There is 1 Deputy that will be going to the academy in January.

Last modified: March 4, 2019

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