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Commissioner Minutes July 10th & 17, 2017

July 31, 2017

July 10, 2017

Due to Commissioner vacations and other training schedules, the Commissioners did not meet on July 10, 2017.

July 17, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 by Commissioner Goffena. Commissioner Borner and Berry were present.

The July 5th, 2017 minutes were not reviewed by the Commissioners.

Court Compliance Officer Charle Vohs met with the Commissioners with a question as to who is going to be signing her claims now that she is going to be working with the Sheriff’s Department instead of the County Attorneys Office? Commissioner Goffena said he would sign them for the time being.

County Agent Mat Walter met with the Commissioners to let him know that everything is going well with the 4H Fair. There was a concern about the weight limit on one of the bridges that is being used by a County resident. There will be a sheep sale in September that is being moved from Harloton. The Rodeo went well but they do need to work on the new sound system. Bathrooms at the comfort station probably wont be worked on until August or September. The new security system for the fairgrounds is here and will be put in. Mr. Walter mentioned that he is going to try to inform residents that if there is an Emergency Evacuation, animals can be put in the rodeo side and any overflow will go to the 4H side.

County Attorney Peterson met with the Commissioners regarding the CDBG Loan to the Hospital. They will need to contact the Department of Commerce to go forward.

Clerk and Recorder Tomassi met with the Commissioners. The Safety Inspection with the Department of Labor went very well. There are 5 Tax Deeds being issued.

Road Department Secretary Kenner gave her weekly report to the Commissioners. Ms. Kenner reminded the Commissioners that there are interviews this afternoon. There will be a letter going out to a resident about using the 4H Bridge that has a weigh limit. The Commissioners will be calling MACo to ask questions about letters being sent through the County Attorneys Office, an Accident Investigation Policy put in place and written warnings to employees. There will be some overtime from the Road Department due to working on the North Delphia Fire. Commissioner Borner told Ms. Kenner that she had people compliment 2 members of the crew for the work done during the fire. Ms. Kenner supplied a letter from the Department of Labor regarding the outstanding Safety Inspection results. Culvert and cattle guard repair can be done, but roads can not be worked on while it is so dry.

Ambulance Director Solberg met with the Commissioners to give them the Accounts receivable and the contract from KLJ for the EOC (emergency operation center) for Mark Qualman from Quest Service Corporation to look over and make sure it is accurate. Commissioner Borner asked about County liability on the 911 system. Mr. Solberg said that as long as an effort is made the County is covered. As of now reverse 911 calls can only go to land lines but hopefully cell coverage will be next year. Only 4 calls can go to 911 dispatch at a time.


Sheriff Thomas and Under Sheriff Lesnik gave their weekly report to the Commissioners. It was a busy weekend with the North Delphia Fire. Amy Angel from Accounting joined the meeting and some tentative budget ideas were discussed. Mr. Lesnik is going to talk to Ambulance Director Solberg about the security system that they are now using, due to high cost of maintenance. Mr. Lesnik would like to try to figure out some sort of compensation or incentive for volunteer reserves.

Amy Angel from Accounting met with the Commissioners to let them know that there will be a salary adjustment in the accounting office due to an error from PERS. They have hired someone to help with Budgets and end of year adjustments for the schools. Budgets will be done for each department on August 14, 2017 , and the Preliminary Budget will be on September 11, 2017 with the final Budget on September 25, 2017.

DES Coordinator gave his weekly report to the Commissioners. The County will be going on Stage 2 Fire Restrictions today at the 3:00 business. The week of 7/3/17 there were 8 fires caused by lightning and 2 caused by swathers, the week of 7/10/17, 7 fires were responded to and there was 1 large fire with 3800 acres burned.

There was a Department Head meeting over the lunch hour.

Brian Johnson with Collaborative Designs, Mark Qualman with Quest Service Corp., Randy Hafer with High Plains Architect, Wendy Beye, Brenda Vescovi, Natalie Hazelton, Theresa Doumitt, Bill Milton, Chad Sealey Cheryl Goffena and Kathy Pfister met with the Commissioners. Heather McMilin, Andrea Davis with Homeword and Kathie Bailey with Snowy Mountain Development joined the meeting via conference call. The topic of conversation was the Sand Stone Building at the Central School. Ms. Davis said that Homeword is still working on the financial numbers for the building. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Hafer are working together on a shared vision of construction and operational costs. There are hurdles to overcome concerning the sandstone building. How to separate it from the annex, the breezeway, the boiler, power and possible sharing of costs and utilities. Ms. Pfister said that she thinks that sharing with a tax payer entity is dynamite and that it should be separate. Ms. Davis said that it is important to be clear on what utility is being used by whom Mr. Johnson said that the time line is most essential to the County Commissioners, they need to get the seniors moved in to the annex buildings. Commissioner Berry said that they can not wait for Homeword and that the County is moving forward. Mr. Hafer said that Homeword can come into the project at a later date. Commissioner Borner said that it is important to note that the County Commissioners have given Collaborative Design permission to move forward. Commissioner Goffena said that he had some concerns regarding the stone building such as big cracks from the building moving and pipes coming apart. Mr, Hafer said that the engineering report was done to correct the problems in the feasibility study, along with other issues and the plan is to renovate to a historic level. Commissioner Goffena told them that he has hopes they have success with the building. Commissioner Berry asked Ms. Bailey about the status of the Brownsfield Abatement for the annex. Ms. Bailey said that there are draft bid offers, but cannot go out for bids until they get the State Historical Preservation Office’s approval. Mr. Johnson said that they will go out for bids for contractors for the Annex in September. The ladies from the Senior Center asked for a secure area for their equipment so things do not disappear.

Public Comment:

Dan McCaffree met with the Commissioners regarding the taxable value of his property. The Commissioners will talk to the County Assessor and get back to him.

Mary Klier and Tobin McFarland met with the Commissioners regarding an easement through property owned by the County from the FEMA Acquisition Program, to get to their property on the North side of the river. At this time someone has put a fence up on the property and has horses and junk on it. The Commissioners will ask the Sheriff’s Department to go and check it out and possibly send an official letter.

Close of Public Comment.

Item #1 to sign the Memorandum of Understanding from the Montana Wool Growers Association Predator Control Fund for $1,239.00, was tabled after discussion until there is more information. Item #4 to decide on offering $70,000.00 to the Roundup Central School District for the purchase of the Panther Den was tabled after discussion until there they talk to Chad Sealey about the Brownsfield abatement. Item #5 to discuss employee vacation days was tabled after the discussion that MACo suggested raising salaries of the employee on a temporary basis to the County limit amount and then do a Memo to employees to use their vacation or lose it. They are going to visit with accounting to figure in the budget and to get the employee names and information.

Commissioner Borner made the motion to sign the Memorandum of Understanding and Contract between the State of Montana, Office of Court Administrator, the 14th Judicial District Youth Court and Musselshell/Golden Valley Court Compliance Office. Commissioner Berry seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Commissioner Berry made the motion to sign COS 2017-3 Section 3, Township 8 North, Range 29 East, retracement of Tracts 1 & 2 submitted by Martin Reiger. Commissioner Borner seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Commissioner Borner made the motion to sign Resolution 2017-15 Setting Stage 2 Fire Restrictions. Commissioner Berry seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Commissioner Berry made the motion to sign Certificate of Survey 2017- 4, Section 14, Township 8 North, Range 25 East, amended plat of vacated alley of Newton’s First Addition, Tracts A, B & D of COS 1981-3. Commissioner Borner second the motion. Motion carried.

Commissioner Borner made the motion to sign the State of Montana Standard Lease Contract between Musselshell County and the State of Montana to lease a space at 506 Main Street, Roundup, Montana. Commissioner Berry seconded the motion. Motion carried.

There were 3 (three) interviews for the Road Department.

There being no further business the motion was made to adjourn. Motion carried.

Last modified: December 13, 2017

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