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Commissioner Minutes July 23, 2018

July 31, 2018

July 23, 2018

The meeting was opened at 9:00 by Commissioner Goffena. Commissioner Borner and Berry were present.

The minutes from the July 16, 2018 meeting were reviewed and approved by all Commissioners.

Kathy Pfister met with the Commissioner regarding the plaque for the Kombol Show Ring invoice. The Commissioner told her to talk to Accounting about it. Ms. Pfister asked about the Safety Committee wanting to put “safety tips” on the County Website?  All Commissioners approved.  Commissioner Berry asked that it not be too long and put mainly priority subjects.

The Road Department did not have a weekly report due to vacations.

Weed Coordinator Beck met with the Commissioners. The Weed Board had their monthly meeting and voted to accept the bid for a new building from CN Construction with stipulations that they want clarification on the frost wall, they supply proof of insurance and they give a timeline. The official bid award will be on the agenda Monday July 30, 2018.  The Commissioners will talk to Mark Qualman from Quest Service Corp. regarding a contract.  Ms. Beck told the Commissioners that there are only 2 County Roads that have not been sprayed for weeds.

Sheriff Thomas had his weekly meeting with the Commissioners. Nothing new to report.

DES Coordinators Fisher and Russell gave their weekly report to the Commissioners. The State did get a Presidential Declaration so the County & City of Roundup will get assistance for flooding. There were 6 fires this past week. There will be a fire restriction conference call this afternoon and they will let us know if there are any changes. FEMA PDM (pre disaster mitigation) and FMA (flood mitigation assistance) Mr. Fisher and Mr. Russell are working on forming a call sheet for emergencies.

Airport Manager Gebhardt met with the Commissioners know that Diane Stilton with the FAA contacted him and there is money available for a “no local match Grant” they are going to apply for to do some repairs/putting in of a parallel taxiway and possible reflectors. The Commissioner will put the application/letter of support on the agenda when we get it.

County Agent Walter stopped in to ask the Commissioners if every department was handling the hail damage. The Commissioner told him to go to Key Insurance. And it should be coverage per building instead of one big claim.

County Attorney Peterson met with the Commissioners regarding the Musselshell County Central Commons and Cucancic Construction. Mr. Peterson said that Cucancic has been given notice and they have begun compliance.  Cucancic needs to be contacted often and monitored to be sure we get the job completed correctly.

Casey Collins from Representative Gianfortes Office met with the Commissioners to see if there was anything Mr. Gianforte could do for Musselshell County. Commissioner Berry said that we really need the funding for the water projects and pipeline from the Judith Basin and surrounding Counties. Commissioner Goffena said that we are still waiting for it to go through the committee to be authorized and does not want to see it drop out of the Bill. Commissioner Borner said that we are a big State with only 1 million residents and it is difficult to get funding.  Mr. Collins said that he will get the word out. Commissioner Goffena also said that Federal Government help support the Council on Aging but the budget is very low, comes in late and they really need some help.

Roger Schaad with Montana Made Projects gave the Commissioners a quote for the Ambulance garage roof and gutters.

No Public Comment.

Commissioner Borner made the motion to approve and sign Resolution 2018-14 to Accept the Determination that a Categorical Exclusion is Appropriate for the Goffena Road Bridge Project. Commissioner Berry second the motion.  Motion carried.

End of business.

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