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Commissioner Minutes March 25, 2019

April 1, 2019

March 25, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 by Commissioner Borner. Commissioner Berry and Carlson were present.

Director of Technology Toombs met with the Commissioners. Mr. Toombs asked if there could be a policy in place for formality for when someone is requesting a copy of preserved minutes that it go before the Board for transparency?  The Commissioners will look into it.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Commissioner Carlson made the motion to approve the agenda as is.  Commissioner Berry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Commissioner Berry made the motion to amend the March 18, 2019 minutes to include that Cameron Road work was mentioned only in the June, 2018 and August, 2018 minutes. Commissioner Carlson made the motion to approve the March 18, 2019 minutes as amended. Commissioner Berry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Commissioner Carlson said that at the last safety meeting they are working on a way to keep workers compensation claims down.  There may be a policy for certain departments to enforce wearing ice cleats when icy.

Commissioner Borner attended the Mental Health meeting.  There was a presentation from the Montana Rescue Mission where they are trying to lessen expenses. They are moving into a bigger building that is milled through Yellowstone County, that already has a men’s shelter and are working on a women’s shelter and would like our hub house to move and partner with them and be under one roof.  The Mental Health Board is looking for a Member at Large.   Commissioner Borner and Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert went to Helena to the Coal Board to advocate the Farrel Bridge award.  They were awarded the full amount asked for of $389,969.00. We need to make sure we are doing our best for the infrastructure of Musselshell County and getting as much revenue as we can.   The next bridges we are going to work on are 4-H, and the bridge off of Mosby Road that is shared with Petroleum County.

Commissioner Borner said that they really need to contact the installer about the hail damage on the roof at the Musselshell County Central Commons before the warranty runs out.  Commissioner Borner asked Commissioner Berry if he would take care of the issue since he understands insurance better than herself or Commissioner Carlson?  Commissioner Berry said that he will do it and contact everyone involved to get the issue fixed.

The Commissioners are going to ask Mark Qualman if he will work on bids for all of the insurance issues when they talk to him at 1:30 today. Commissioner Borner said that there may be some add-ons that need done on some of the buildings also.  Commissioner Carlson said that Roundup Fire has requested that street side doors be added to the building at the Extension Office so they don’t have to back the firetrucks in. Mr. Carlson has a Fire Council meeting this week and will ask who is going to pay for the doors, Fire Council or Roundup Fire Department?

Maintenance Supervisor Jett gave her weekly report to the Commissioners. Lekse Construction will be working on the bathrooms at the Complex building this week.  The windows for the Commons should be in this week. The Commissioner suggested putting a maintenance sheet up in the Commons for the volunteers of small things that need to be done monthly. The decision on the boilers will be done next week.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert and Secretary Kenner gave their weekly report.   Attorney Russ Fagg, David Simpson and Sheriff Lesnik were present. Dave Simpson and his Attorney Russ Fagg visited with us concerning his landlocked property off of Hougardy Lane. They wanted to know if we had any suggestions as to how to obtain an easement.  The Commissioners, Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert, Secretary Kenner and Sheriff Lesnik told them without landowner consent it is probably not possible.  Mr. Simpson believes the abandonment process done in the 60’s for a portion of Hougardy Lane may have been done incorrectly.  He has been in correspondence with our previous County Attorney Sipe, as well as our current County Attorney Mr. Peterson (who was invited to be at this meeting but had other pressing matters) and both their opinions were that the abandonment had been done properly.  The Commissioners were asked to forward a letter Mr. Simpson had received from another attorney in Bozeman to our road Attorney Susan Swimley for review as well as any other pertinent documents and to find out whether or not the County receives gas tax on Hougardy Lane.  Commissioner Carlson agreed to forward the letter as well as any pertinent documents to Attorney Swimley and Secretary Kenner would check on the Gas Tax Allocation. Mr. Fagg and Mr. Simpson left the meeting. The Goulding Creek Secondary 381 Secondary meeting with MDT will be April 12, 2019 at the Ambulance Barn. Still not sure of a time but should be late morning. The Department will apply to the Signal Peak Community Foundation in September for housing of the generators. They are going to be getting more information regarding the Build Transportation Grants. The Department will be looking for a new pick-up and will check to see how much they can get for a trade, if not much, they will see if any other department need it.

Sheriff Lesnik gave his weekly report to the Commissioners.  Mr. Lesnik is working on a design for the impound building. Deputy Potts graduates from the academy on Friday March 29, 2019 in Helena.  Sheriff Lesnik will be attending the ceremony.  The Commissioners told Mr. Lesnik that they had a formal letter from the Billings Gazette for Public Information. It was discussed that it was a contradiction when Pheobe Tillerson of the Billings Gazette sent a request for public information to Kevin Peterson that was not answered. The matter will be looked into. Sheriff Lesnik is not sure if the boiler in the jail was fixed over the weekend but will check and make sure it gets done, he will also talk to Mark Qualman about the steps going into the jail.

Accounting Supervisor Angel gave her weekly report to the Commissioners. DES Coordinator Fisher was also present.  Ms. Angel said the County has not received some reimbursements from FEMA for the big buyout and none of the appraisal costs.  Ms. Angel will give a printout of the information to DES Coordinator Fisher and he will contact FEMA to try to resolve the issue.  Mr. Fisher is also working on a spreadsheet for the FEMA projects.

DES Coordinator Fisher gave his weekly report to the Commissioners. Mr. Fisher is going to be putting more information out about the new burn permit system, making sure the public is aware that it is just the States software that we are getting.  Musselshell County will still have control of the burning. Also, we need to let the public know that we are required by law to have a burn permit system and we are just updating our old system.  Commissioner Carlson and Mr. Fisher will discuss going on the local radio to get the information out to the public. We have not heard anything from the County Attorney regarding the Flood Plain violation at this time.  Mr. Fisher is closely watching the river for flooding.

The meeting was recessed for lunch.

Rylee Green, Kurt Lang, Michelle Brazee and Judy Burrows from 4-H met with the Commissioners regarding the silt at the fairgrounds. Mr. Lang said they are here early to request that the Road Department try to work on removing the 2 to 3 feet of silt before the 4-H Fair.  Curt and Tanya Goffena joined the meeting.  Commissioner Borner said that Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert is aware of the issue and any work done by the Road Department will depend on road conditions and scheduling. Mr. Goffena said that he has the heavy equipment that he can use but just wanted to have the conversation with the Commissioners and get permission to do the work themselves.  Commissioner Borner told them to make sure that when and if they do any work, to make sure that they take pictures before, during and after the work is done, have a list of who all did the work, the equipment and the hours worked so if any emergency happenes in the future, FEMA will know that there was work done to fix the problem.  Mr. Goffena asked about building/raising the cow barn up 2 feet. The Commissioner were all fine with raising it as long as the 4-H Council approves.

Clerk & Recorder Tomassi met with the Commissioners regarding the “Public Information” request.

Mark Qualman visited with the Commissioners via telephone regarding hiring him to view and do bids for all the hail damaged building and issues.  Mr. Qualman said that he is more than happy to come up and look at everything, give them an estimate on the bids and his cost. Mr. Qualman said that he had talked to Sheriff Leksni and was sent pictures of the steps at the jail. The Commissioners will meet with Mr. Qualman Monday April 1, 2019 at 1:00 to tour the sites.  (There will not be any other meetings until the 3:00 business on the April 1, 2019 meeting)

Richland County Commissioner Shane Gorder visited with the Commissioners via telephone.  Mr. Gorder ask for any information and advice on declaring an Emergency Declaration.  The Commissioner advised Mr. Gorder to contact DES and Mr. Fisher should have all the information. The Commissioners also told Mr. Gorder to keep track of everything and take pictures before during and after.

Pam walling with MACo visited with the Commissioners to update them on the new health insurance rates for employees. Ms. Walling foresees a rate increase of approximately 7.6%. Ms. Walling suggests also offering the employees 4 plans and at least one high deductible option.  Ms. Walling will be in Roundup for the Wellness Screening on April 15, 2019 if there are any questions and then will follow up with a phone call. Ms. Walling will also have the rates for life insurance during the phone call.

Public Comment.

Virgil Merfeld, Virginia Carlson, Morgan Merfeld, Deb Adolph, Edith Sloan and Jim Borner were present.

There was no public comment.

Item #1 to adopt the New State Fire Burn Permit System with a $6.00 fee attached was tabled after discussion that they may need to get the data from 911 Director Solberg on how the new system would help dispatch and to refine the public information. Item #2 to discuss and sign the Oil & Gas Lease from 1889 Energy Group, LLC for various properties in Musselshell County was tabled until Commissioner Berry talks to 1889 Energy Group about a few changes. Mr. Merfeld mentioned that there is a website from a company in Watford City ND, that will should you exactly what they should be paying.


Commissioner Carlson made the motion to review and sign the 2 copies of the revised MACo PCT By-Laws that were amended at the February 13, 2019 MACo Midwinter Conference.  Commissioner Berry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Commissioner Borner wanted it noted that we had received paperwork for Fuel Exempt Status at the Airport that she is signing.


On Thursday, March 28, 2019 the Commissioners are going to be meeting at 4:00 to go over the building insurance schedule with Accounting Supervisor Angel to see if they need to change or add on.  They will invite Cody Samuelson from Key Insurance also.


Edith Sloan asked the Commissioners where she could get information on the Airport for a story she is writing?  The Commissioners told her to contact Doug Parrott or Kelly Gebhardt.


Thee being no further business the motion was made to adjourn.  Motion carried.



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