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Commissioner Minutes March 26, 2018

April 5, 2018


March 26, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 by Commissioner Goffena. Commissioner Borner was present. Commissioner Berry was attending the MACRS Conference in Great Falls.


The minutes from the February 5 & 26th, March 5, 12 & 19th were not approved by all Commissioners.


Director of Technology Adam Toombs met with the Commissioners to discuss his contract and hours. The Commissioner Told Mr. Toombs to draw up a proposal. Mr. Toombs also asked if the County had Cyber Security Coverage.  We will check.  ( After a call to Key Insurance it was found that we do have coverage)


Lorie Jett and Harry Foster met with the Commissioners with a personnel issue. Clerk & Recorder Tomassi took the minutes for the meeting.


Road Secretary Kenner gave her weekly report to the Commissioners. Adam Carlson, Jake Barthule and Ronnie Burns were present. Ms. Kenner asked if the Commissioners have decided on compensation for the road crew working holidays.  The Commissioners are working on that with the accounting office also. There are some roads closed due to run off and culverts are starting to open.


Sheriff Thomas and Under Sheriff Lesnik gave their weekly report to the Commissioners. Jake Barthule, Ronnie Burns, Adam Carlson and Brad Marking were present. Sheriff Thomas gave the Commissioner the bill for the fencing at the impound lot. Mr. Lesnik told the Commissioners that he has been working with the Superintendent and Principle of the Roundup School District regarding school shootings. Mr. Lesnik has found a Federal Grant that will fund 1 officer for 3 years at 75% and would like a commitment from the Commissioners that they will approve the 25%. They told Mr. Lesnik to get them more information and they will put it on the agenda to discuss. Commissioner Borner told them that the pre-warnings for the flooding worked nice.  Sheriff Thomas said that the DES department is good to work with.


Accounting Supervisor Angel gave her weekly report to the Commissioners. Adam Carlson, Jake Barthule, Floyd Fisher and Justin Russell were present. Ms. Angel said the 5% cost share for the FEMA FMA grant for Eiseleins should come out of the Capital improvement account. The overage of cost for the EMPG generators is being looked into by Justin Russell. They are going to establish that the job of downloading budget reports is going from Clerk & Recorder Tomassi to the Amy Angel in Accounting. It was discussed that the roof for the jail should come out of the Sheriff’s Building Capital Improvement account and the courthouse roof should come out of the County Capital Improvement account. Ms. Angel and Commissioner Borner think that the cost of the fencing around the impound lot should come out of the drug fund.  Ms. Angel would like to hire Leah Medina- Cabrera for 2 days a week in the accounting office. They discussed coming up with a game plan for funding of a new jail. Ms. Angel is going to look at the budget for the DES Deputies to raise their pay rate and change of status from Deputy to temporary or per diem.  Ms Angel said that they are going to call MACo and see about and amendment in the policy manual that departments that work on holidays e.g.: road, dispatch and DES, should be paid regular time and get a day off incentive pay or comp time. There will also be a letter saying they are going to be doing a transfer of emergency funds for labor & fuel for the road department.  If there is anything left the Roundup Fire Department would like some to pay for tire repairs from fires. Jon Goffena entered the meeting. The Annual report claims for the Hospital District and Fire Departments have been corrected.  Ms. Angel asked the Commissioners how they would like to schedule budget reviews this year, all in one day or spread them out to a few or one weekly?  The Commissioners said whatever is easiest for her.  They will be spread out.


DES Coordinators Fisher and Russell gave their weekly report to the Commissioners. Amy Angel Adam Carlson, and Jake Barthule and Jon Goffena were present There have been a lot of phone calls this week. Mr. Fisher said that they were told that you do not need to be certified to be a Flood Plain Administrator but they need clarification on who is the Administrator? They are working on the Flood Plain determinations to keep the grant on tract. There will be a meeting on April 2 with DES State Hazard Mitigation Officer Nadene Wadsworth for a National Clarification Statement regarding the Public Notice about the salvaged material from the FMA grant programs that was put in the paper and then they will follow State statute. Mr. Russell said that Ms. Wadsworth said that the valuing out that they are doing for the salvaged material is ok. Mr. Bathule said that he just wanted to get it settled about the salvaged material he received. Ms. Angel said that since the salvage was worth approximately $200.00 the County will reimburse FEMA.  The matter with Mr. Barthule is settled.  They will be getting the other amounts together for the meeting on the 2nd. Mr. Barthules time cannot be used as soft match because he did receive the tin. Mr. Russell reminded everyone that when we take down any structure employees time is counted as soft match and he has a list of all the equipment rates. They received the appraisal for the Carson property.  Mr. Carson has 16 items that he would like to remove from the property that will reduce the house to a shell.  They will have to do another appraisal to figure out the value.  They are appraising at Fair Market Value.  The County now has 15 business day to make an offer to Mr. Carson.


Jon Goffena met with the Commissioners regarding baseball at the fairgrounds. Mr. Goffena asked if the road to the fairgrounds was open?  The Commissioners told him he will have to ask the Road Department. Mr. Goffena said that they need bathrooms.  Commissioner Borner said she thinks the bathrooms are opened in May and that he should go to the Fair Board and see

if they can be of help. Commissioner Goffena said the next meeting is April 19, 2018 at 7:00 P.M. Commissioner Borner suggested looking into getting a grant for putting in a bathroom  from Fish Wildlife & Parks.  Mr. Goffena said that he talked to Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert and Mr. Stockert donated his off time to haul material to help get the ballfield ready and Mr. Goffena was wondering if he could possibly use the County equipment?   Both Commissioners said that Mr. Stockert using County equipment would be fine since it is County owned property.  Mr. Goffena was asked about using the County edger?  Commissioner Goffena said to check on liability.


Mark Qualman with Quest Service Corp., Brian Johnson and Kari Kaske from Collaborative Designs gave their weekly report of the Musselshell County Central Commons to the Commissioners, Peggy Peterson, Amy Angel, Adam Carlson and Kathy Pfister were present. Ms. Pfister gave the Commissioners information on the purchase and order of a plaque to be placed at the Commons. Mr. Qualman told the Commissioners that he had been to a tour of the jail and he recommends a structural engineer to fix one area before they can fix the roof. Commissioner Borner said that the Judge Spaulding is concerned about mold from the leaking Courthouse roof and she knows that they are trying to do both for cost savings but we really need to get the roof done on the Courthouse. Mr. Qualman will get a report from Bradford Roofing so we can put the Specs in the RFP.  Next week Mr. Qualman will contact D.A. Davidson for more information regarding information and financing on a new jail. The Commissioners gave Mr. Qualman the Airport SOQ’s received last week to review and advise.( Brenda Vescovi and Natalie Hazelton entered that meeting) Mr. Johnson said that he is happy with the Commons project and Cucancic is doing a good job. They went over the list of equipment that will be installed and what needs to be done by the County.


Public comment:


Wade Rongen, Dave and Pam Ligget, J.K. Kuzara, Toby Jody Dahl, Tana Pinkerton-Cates, Deb Adolph, Linda Picchioni, Danny McCaffree, Adam Carlson and Gary Van Dyke were present.


Mr. Rongen said that in regards to Tom Berrys response to the conversation he had with Brian Hopkins from MACo, Mr. Rongen never questioned that he had the conversation on January 2, just the contents.   Mr. Rongen said he was hoping Mr. Berry was here and would like to thank the Commissioners for doing a their job, and would like to applaud them when they do a great job, but it’s our responsibility to take you to task when we see problems.  The Commissioners thanked Mr. Rongen.


Public Comment ended.


Commissioner Goffena had pictures from the Musselshell County Central Commons for anyone who would like to see them.

Item # 1 to discuss and approve that the agenda items should be approved following the close of the current Monday business for the following week was tabled so they can review the County Attorney draft and gather more information. Item #2 to discuss and approve the notice regarding regulation of public comments during Commissioner meeting’s was tabled for the same reason. Item #3 to Re-assess the cost of an HR/investigator was on the agenda again by mistake.

Commissioner Borner made the motion to recognize volunteers in the community and to sign the Proclamation Declaring April 3, 2018 national Service Recognition Day. Commissioner Goffena second the motion. Motion carried. (Commissioner Berry’s signature will be needed on Monday April 3, 2018)

Commissioner Goffena said the meeting was adjourned. Commissioner Borner thanked everyone for coming.

Last modified: March 4, 2019

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