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Commissioner October 19, 2020 Minutes

October 26, 2020

October 19, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 by Commissioner Borner. Commissioner Goffena was present.

Mike Turley was present for observation for the day.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Commissioner Goffena made the motion to approve the agenda after adding signing Resolution 2020-32 to rescind Stage 1 Fire Restrictions. Commissioner Borner seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Commissioner Goffena made the motion to approve the October 13, 2020 minutes as is. Commissioner Borner seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Commissioner Goffena had no board meetings this week.

Commissioner Borner had a MEDA (Montanan Economic Development Association) they have hired a corporation to look at all the services that come through the State.

Commissioner Borner has a Mental Health meeting this Friday and a Snowy Mountain Development Corporation meeting Wednesday. The Sheriff Office is doing interviews this week.

Gary Eliasson met with the Commissioners. Commissioner Borner told him she has been meeting with the Watershed Coalition regarding a safe crossing for highway access for the purposed walking trail down by the river.

Tyler Lindbloom with Interstate Engineering, Jay Steinmaser with Knife River and Kelly Gebhardt met with the Commissioners. John Bach, Veronica Meyer and Steve Aldinger with Interstate Engineering were present via zoom. The lighting cans have been placed and poured concrete hanger approaches have been removed and graded. The low spots on the taxiway need milled and the high spots need ground down and then sealed with oil but it needs to be at least 60 degrees so they will have to do it next year. Mr. Aldinger wants to push the electricians to get the lights up and working as soon as possible. Work now is weather dependent.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert and Secretary Kenner gave their weekly report to the Commissioners. The West District site meeting on the 21 was cancelled. They have put a help wanted add in the Round Record and will open the application at the November 16, 2020 meeting. They will be purchasing 2 Conex boxes for storage. There was a concern from a resident regarding the bus route on Dean Creek road. Mr. Stockert is going to talk to the Lavina School to work on a plan. Today they are plowing snow and getting the 2nd truck geared up to plow and sand. Blading done on #4 Road and Horsethief. The Goffena site is completed and only seeding is now required. A tree was cleared off of Hawk Creek.

Duane Snook met with the Commissioners to update them on changes on the Board for Homes on the Range. They had a special meeting on October 14, 2020. Rose Blum has stepped down as President. Duane Snook is now president, Brenda Vescovi is Vice President and Dolly Boyd is Treasurer. Donna Marsh and Dave Burgeson are also on the Board. They have asked Mike Morgan, Gil Majerus and Pam Carter if they would like to be on the Board and Julie Gantner as a resident member.   They meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month at noon. The 2 loans that they had have been paid in full.

DES Coordinator Harper and Fire Warden Russell (via GoToMeeting) met with the Commissioners. The Bair Collins Project will be done in 2 or 3 weeks and they will need to talk to FEMA about future planning. They are reviewing a Floodplain permit for MDT. We will be rescinding Stage 1 Fire Restrictions on todays 3:00 business. There is a Burn Permit violation that is being investigated. There was 1 new address given last week.

County Agent Solf had the Commissioners sign the County Agreement between Musselshell County and MSU Extension.

There was a Department Head meeting over the lunch hour.

Public Comment:

Gary Eliasson was present and wanted to know what was going to go on with the County property by the River. Commissioner Borner said they haven’t even discussed it yet and will let him know when they get to that point.

Larry & Karen Lekse joined the meeting to let them know that Western Road is really bad and needs some work. Commissioner Borner will let the Road Department know. They also said that while the DEQ was working on the Bair Collins Project the damaged the ROW easement they have with Conoco Phillips. Commissioner Borner will cc Mr. Lekse in an e-mail to Scott Graham about the issue and get it resolved.

Commissioner Goffena made the motion to approve and sign application for payment #4 to Knife River for AIP 3-30-0066-015-2020. Commissioner Borner seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Commissioner Goffena made the motion to approve and sign Contractors Gross Receipts for Knife River AIP 3-30-0066-015-2020. Commissioner Borner seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Commissioner Goffena made the motion to sign the Warranty Deed for Lot 8, Block 16 of the Original Townsite of Melstone from Musselshell County to the Melstone Area Foundation. Commissioner Borner seconded the motion. Motion carried.

The Commissioners did claims on Thursday October 15, 2020.

Commissioner Borner signed the DLA MEPA document for Theresa Doumitt on Thursday October 15, 2020.

Claims for the seconded round for October were   $1,043,782.84.



Last modified: October 29, 2020

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