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Commissioner’s Agenda January 2, 2018

December 29, 2017



Public Comments on any public matter within the jurisdiction of the Commission

9:30 Road Department Official Agenda January 2, 20181. Discuss the easement for the old RR access near Goffena Road.

2. Discuss the flex time vs. Comp time wording change in policy manual.

The road Department will return to Allen Rd. and Big Wall projects weather permitting.10:00 Sheriff

10:30 Accounting

11:00 DES


12:00 Lunch

1:30 Mark Qualman




Public Comment on any public matter within the jurisdiction of the

Commission that is not on the agenda.

All business and resolutions approved and voted on by the Commissioners.


1. Discuss the Wireless Point to Point estimate submitted by High Point Networks and Adam Toombs.2. Sign the letter to The Melstone Town Council regarding the Melstone Transfer Site.

3. Consider seeking Engineers report on scope & cost of Big Pond components.

4. Discuss adopting a policy regarding County employees on Social Media and the radio.

5. Review and sign the Memorandum of Agreement between the Department of Environmental Quality and Musselshell County for the site investigation work at the Davis Mine/Meathouse Road site.

6. Sign Resolution 2018-1 raising the new mileage rates to 54.5 cents a mile.

7. Sign Resolution 2018-2 naming the Legal Holidays that the Courthouse will be closed.8. Sign Resolution 2018-3 establishing regular meeting dates of the Musselshell County Commission.

9. Sign Resolution 2018-4 establishing travel reimbursement rates for which County employees are eligible to be reimbursed at up to the federal room rate but not to exceed $93.00 plus tax per night.

10. Sign Resolution 2018-5 establishing the 2018 Elected Official Salary Compensation Board.

11. Sign resolution 2018-6 setting the fire season for the County of Musselshell for 2018.


4:00 County Attorney- Discuss Items above.4:30


Last modified: January 10, 2018

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