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Commissioner’s Agenda January 2, 2019

December 31, 2018





9:00                 Old Business

  • Old ambulance barn roof
  • Roof on new ambulance barn
  • Bids for the Extension Office/Servpro
  • Relocation of #4 Road.
  • Wells Fargo Building
  • Maintenance of County owned property
  • Storage in District Courtroom
  • County Complex Office(s) for JP
  • Steps at the Courthouse
  • Mower/snow remover from the school
  • Damaged wiring on cameras at the Courthouse
  • Heat in the Courtroom

9:30                 Road Department Official Agenda for January 2, 2019

  1. #4 relocation up-date

10:00               Sheriff

10:30               Swearing in of Elected Officials in the Courtroom.

11:00               DES

11:30               Ambulance Director Solberg

12:00               Lunch






Public Comment on any public matter within the jurisdiction of the

Commission that is not on the agenda.


All business and resolutions approved and voted on by the Commissioners.


  1. Approve and sign Resolution 2019-1 setting reimbursement for County Employee’s business use of a vehicle to .58 cents per mile.
  2. Approve and sign Resolution 2019-2 setting Legal Holidays for 2019.
  3. Approve and sign Resolution 2019-3 establishing regular meeting dates and times of the Musselshell County Commission.
  4. Approve and sign Resolution 2019-4 setting travel reimbursement rates for County employees.
  5. Approve and sign Resolution 2019-5 establishing the 2019 Elected Official Salary Compensation Board.
  6. Approve and sign Resolution 2019-6 setting the Fire Season for the County of Musselshell for 2019.
  7. Approve and sign Resolution 2019-7 describing the County wide open burning permit.
  8. Rescind Resolution 2018-24 appointing Special Deputy County Attorney Walter Congdon.
  9. Approve and sign the Certification of Match Form and information sheet of the County matching detail and the beginning FY 2019 Funding tables. The required match is $11,061.00 they are asking to continue at the FY 2016 level of $15,273.00. With the continued uncertainly in Federal funding the senior citizen programs are finding it harder to remain in operation, submitted by the Area II Agency on Aging.
  10. Discuss and decide on hiring an attorney for probate for the #4 Road relocation.
  11. Review/discuss and sign the Oil & Gas Lease for various legal descriptions in Musselshell County submitted by 1889 Energy Group, LLC
  12. Discuss and decide Musselshell County Sponsoring the Fish Wildlife & Parks Community Pond Grant submitted by the Department of Environmental Quality.
  13. Discuss which department takes the mail to the post office.



Last modified: March 4, 2019

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