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Commissioners agenda July 17, 2017

July 13, 2017


Public Comments on any public matter within the jurisdiction of the Commission

9:30 Road Department Official Agenda July 17, 2017

1. Cover agenda for 7-10-17
1. We will collect and review any position applications that we have rec.

2. Graveled the “S” on Canyon, Installing a big cement culvert on Four Mile.

3. 4-H bridge repair estimate.

4. Discuss a few encroachment violations.

5. Private gravel purchase.

6. We need to implement an Accident Investigation Policy into our Policy Manual. (we had a surprise State Dept. of Labor and Industry inspection) We did very well due to the efforts of Ron Manderfeld.

7. Personnel issue.

8. Interviews for open road position starting at 4 p.m.

With it getting so dry so quick we may have to put off mowing, also any rough roads will have to wait for blading, otherwise they will powder out.
Culvert & Cattle guard repair and cleaning can be done.
Poss. put gravel on Cameron, then see if we can do some on Horsethief, need to pull some culverts and ditches may become too dry to do this without moisture.
Hot mix repairs will be coming up.

10:00 Sheriff
10:30 Accounting
11:00 DES
12:00 Department Head Meeting
1:30 Collaborative Design/Homeword
Public Comment on any public matter within the jurisdiction of the
Commission that is not on the agenda.

All business and resolutions approved and voted on by the Commissioners.

1. Sign the memorandum of Understanding from the Montana Wool Growers Association Predator Control Fund for $1,239.00.

2. Sign the Memorandum of Understanding and Contract between the State of Montana, Office of Court Administrator, the 14th Judicial District Youth Court and Musselshell/Golden Valley Court Compliance Office.

3. Sign COS 2017-3 Section 3, Township 8 North, Range 29 East, retracement of tracts 1 & 2 submitted by Martin Reiger.

4. Decide on offering $70,000.00 to the Roundup Central School District for the purchase of the Panther Den.

5. Discuss employee vacation days.

6. Sign Resolution 2017-15 Setting Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

7. Sign COS 2017-4 Section 14, Township 8 North, Range 25 East, Amended Plat of vacated alley of Newton’s First Addition, Tracts A, B & D of Cos 1981-3

8. Sign the State of Montana Standard Lease Contract between Musselshell County and State of Montana to lease a space at 506 Main Street, Roundup, MT.

3:30 Mary Klier & Tobin McFarland
4:00 Road Department Interview- Terry Jorgenson
4:30 Road Department Interview- David Waymire
5:00 Road Department Interview- Scott Ellis

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