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Commissioner’s Agenda May 14, 2018

May 11, 2018







9:30                 Road Department Official Agenda May 14th, 2018

  1. From the MACo meeting last week, what was discussed about Goulding Cr. And Horsethief?
  2. Letter to Musselshell County residents regarding the roads. (available at the Clerk & Recorders Office)
  3. Please see “Invitation to Bid” for our snowplow package granted to us by the Coal Board. We would like it approved and signed.

10:00               Sheriff

10:30               Accounting= County Agent Budget

11:00               DES

11:30               Brad Howell- requesting the County sponsor the Coal Board Grant application for a New Call System and Bed Replacement Program

12:00               Lunch

1:00                 Mark Qualman/Brian Johnson/Commons


2:00                 MACo Renewal= Cody Samuelson and Shannon Shanholtzer


Public Comment on any public matter within the jurisdiction of the

Commission that is not on the agenda.


All business and resolutions approved and voted on by the Commissioners.


  1. Discuss and vote on a Lease/Rent/Use Agreement for the Musselshell County Central Commons.
  2. Approve and sign the FEMA-PDMC-PJ-09-MT-2016-004 for the official offer letters from Musselshell County for the Musselshell River Acquisition Project to Larry G. & Karen L. Lekse in the amount of $737,000.00.

4:00                 Interview- DES

4:20                 Interview- DES

5:00                 Hospital Trustee Canvas

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