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Commissioners December 8, 2023 Minutes

December 15, 2023

December 8, 2023 Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Commissioner Turley. Commissioner Goffena was present. Commissioner Pancratz was absent.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Commissioner Goffena made the motion to approve the agenda for the day. Commissioner Turley seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

(The 9:00 meeting with CFO Kirk and Auditor Denning was moved to 1:00 due to Commissioner Pancratz absence.)

Commissioner Turley made the motion to approve the December 1, 2023 meeting minutes as written. Commissioner Goffena seconded the motion. Motion carried.

No public comment.

No business.

Commissioner Turley attended the Hospital Board meeting Thursday December 7, 2023. Billings Clinic may have someone interested in taking the CEO position at the hospital.

Commissioner Goffena reported that the Commons has been vandalized again.  They need to have our IT department work on the Wi-Fi for the cameras. Brenda Vescovi resigned from the Musselshell County Council on aging.

Old business:

Telephones have been ordered. We are going to be doing an update to the computers next week to install the software.

We are waiting on a title commitment for the Hitching post building that may be used for County offices in the future.

Maintenance Supervisor Jett could not make it to the meeting but gave Secretary Hagstrom her report. The freezer at the Food bank quit working and it will cost 5 to 6 thousand to get it repaired. The sump pump at the Commons was replaced.  The courthouse received coal Thursday December 7, 2023 but we could only get half the load because the auger wasn’t working.

County Agent Solf gave her weekly report to the Commissioners. Shavings have been hauled to the horse barn. Classes have been going well. The 2nd Ag Legacy session will be December 13, 2023. Private applicator class will be in Billings Monday December 11, 2023.

DES Director Russell and Coordinator Rook gave their weekly reports to the Commissioners. They met with FEMA twice last week about the spring 2023 flooding. They went to the Dean Creek Fire meeting last week and set up the IamResponding program. They will be going to Hawk Creek next week. There was a wildfire on Radio Road that was caused by the wind slapping wirelines together.  Multiple signs have been installed. One new address this week.  97 letters have been sent out to potential buyout participants. Reminder about the FEMA Town Hall next week December 12, 2023.

Ron Solberg met with the Commissioners to let them know that the ambulance that was ordered 2 years ago should be here in February.  They may start working on the old ambulance barn for dispatch.

Treasurer Hetrick and CFO Kirk met with the Commissioners to go over some information from the Elected official training.

CFO Kirk and auditor Denning had a conference call with the Commissioners. Commissioner Pancratz joined the meeting. Mr. Denning stated that our new contract price of the audit dropped 7% which is significant because the increases statewide in FY 23 ranged from +25 to +200%.  Musselshell County is their only audit that the price decreased in FY 23.

County attorney Larsen met with the Commissioners.

Sheriff Lesnik met with the Commissioner but had nothing new to report.

Dave Ponte, Warren Hansen and Ken Naylor from the Middle Musselshell County Water District met with the Commissioner to let them know that they have attained counsel regarding a judgement on “easements” which is their number 1 priority. They asked if there is a possibility of using anything that was left over from the PER money to help with the cost of the attorney. The Commissioners will check with County Attorney Larsen and GreatWest to see if that is allowable.

There being no further business Commissioner Goffena made the motion to adjourn. Commissioner Pancratz seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Monday December 11, 2023 Road Department Meeting.

Commissioner Turley, Commissioner Goffena Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert and Secretary Newman were present.

The backhoe has arrived and Mr. Stockert would like the Commissioners to come and get a picture with it to send to the Coal Board. They are back to working on Goffena Road again.  They had an MDT pre-construction meeting last week. Sletten won the bid for the contract. It probably won’t get done until 2025 because they ordered the beams and they are a year out.  They will be getting foam insulation on the north wall and west corner of the old shop building.

End of business.

Last modified: December 15, 2023

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