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Commissioners December 9, 2019 Minutes

December 16, 2019

December 9, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 8:37 by Commissioner Borner. Commissioner Berry was present. Commissioner Carlson will be in after a meeting. (Commissioner Carlson joined the meeting at 10:45)

Commissioner Borner made the motion to approve the agenda after removing #2 to discuss the Mill Levy off the 3:00 business since it was done last week and recording equipment. Brad Marking called and cancelled the meeting at 10:30. Commissioner Berry seconded the motion. Motion carried.

The minutes from the December 2, 2019 meeting were not reviewed.

Commissioner Berry said that there is an open public meeting tonight of the Hospital Board regarding changes.

Commissioner Borner said that Mayor jones said that the City had the Refuse Board lease and will be reviewing it. County Agent Fosjord asked about asbestos in the Extension building. Commissioner Borner called Mark Qualman and he assured her that everything was encapsulated and is approved. The fairgrounds work will need to wait for better weather. Commissioner Borner met with Robert Denning on Thursday December 5th and he has received some information from Wipfli regarding the 2105 audit so he can start on the next four years. Commissioner Borner and Commissioner Carlson also met with Mr. Denning and Tami Gunlock and Darla Erickson form the Department of Administration via telephone on Thursday December 5, 2019 at 4:30 to try to get as much information as they could for the Public Meeting that same evening at the Musselshell County Central Commons. Commissioner Borner would like to update the “user agreement” or “hold harmless” agreements for County Buildings and facilities. Commissioner Borner talked to Mike Ruggles with Fish Wildlife and Parks about vaulted latrines at the campgrounds and he suggested keeping the restrooms we have but we would then have to get that septic system fixed. Commissioner Borner had a webinar for the EDA Supplemental Funding for 2018/2019 Disasters.

Maintenance Supervisor Jett gave her weekly report to the Commissioners. Ms. Jett updated the Commissioners on the repairs that have been completed. They were able to get a lot of material from the buyout building to help with repairing the shed at the Food Bank. They only need a few more things. Commissioner Borner asked Ms. Jett to think of anything that they may need to put into the Capital Improvement Plan.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert and Secretary Kenner gave their weekly report to the Commissioners. Commissioner Carlson is going to be contacting Attorney Susan Swimmley or Hertha Lund for council for #4 Road alteration. The Commissioners told Ms. Kenner that the land owners for the #60 Road access issue will have to contact the other land owners regarding access. There was a concern about the 15 MPH limit sign on #4 Road so it was taken down for a while. Commissioner Berry would like information on the cost of building a road to a possible new gravel pit. Today they are hauling gravel to Johnson Road.

Sheriff Lesnik gave his weekly report to the Commissioners. Sheriff Lesnik asked about amending his budget. Commissioner Borner said she hadn’t had time to talk to Commissioner Berry yet, but she is going to suggest going over the whole budget again, possibly after the new year. Commissioner Borner reminded Sheriff Lesnik that the Coal Board Meeting was December 12, 2019.

DES Coordinators Harper and Fisher gave their weekly report to the Commissioners. Safe-Tec and Fred Winkler with WHC are working on getting the Notice of Demolition permits to DEQ and they should take 10 days to get back to us. The Fire Chiefs and Fire Council are working on developing protocol for how and when to burn. The Fire Council is very interested in hiring a part-time executive assistant to assist in their needs. They are discussing funding options and writing a job description. Commissioner Carlson said he is going to contact Attorneys at Crowley Fleck or Susan Swimmley for the Floodplain Violations.

Clerk & Recorder Tomassi met with the Commissioners and would like a memo to go out about accumulated vacation time and a personnel issue.

County Agent Fosjord gave her weekly report to the Commissioners. They are going to do a resolution regarding the Fair Board. The breaker box at the Extension Office needs changed.

Public Comment:

John Weatherly, Deb Adolph, Mark Clark, Chalentz McKown, Joe H. Stahl, Dave Liggett and Vera Smothers were present.

Mr. Weatherly was concerned that the County Attorney is helping 27 individuals from the hail storm instead of the County. Commissioner Carlson and Mr. Liggett said that it is a State suit. The State does the investigation and the County Attorney does the prosecution.

Mr. Stahl asked about a letter that was written to the Roundup Record regarding a previous meeting and Hawk Creek Volunteer Fire Department. Commissioner Carlson told Mr. Stahl for clarification that he told the Fire Chief that there were questions asked and who asked them.

Ms. Smothers wanted to commend the Commissioners for identifying there was a problem with the books and trying to fix it but she wanted to know how they came to their decision and said it is going to hurt the people? Commissioner Borner explained that they went off of the recommendation of the State and followed the worksheet provided.

Mr. McKown asked Commissioner Borner if the Commissioners had a public meeting about the taxes. Commissioner Borner said they did have a public hearing for the preliminary budget. Mr. McKown feels they should have had a big meeting and the tax increase is going to depress Roundup.

Ms. Adolph is concerned that there hasn’t been an audit since 2014 and thanked the Commissioners for going back and looking.

Mr. Clark wanted to remind Commissioner Borner that 50% of residents have a set income. Commissioner Borner agreed with him.

End of public comment.

Commissioner Carlson made the motion to discuss the Melstone property. Commissioner Borner said she talked to MACo and they said that it can be used as a garden but not a park and we would need to get a user agreement. Commissioner Berry said to put it on the agenda for next week to vote on. Mr. Stahl asked if it could be sold and put back on the tax roll. Commissioner Borner said they had tried to sell it before and they could probably do it again.

There being no further business the motion was made to adjourn. Motion carried.

Commissioner Borner and Commissioner Carlson did Claims on December 5, 2019, had a telephone conference with the Department of Administration and Robert Denning on December 5, 2019, Commissioner Berry had a previous engagement and all Commissioners had a public meeting regarding tax increases. A copy of the list of attendees is available at the Clerk & Recorders Office.


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