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Commissioners June 8, 2020 Minutes

June 22, 2020

June 8th 2020 minutes;

Commissioner Carlson and Commissioner Borner present: Borner took minutes. Secretary Hagstrom was absent


Agenda- Commissioner Carlson made motion to approve, Commissioner Borner 2nd motion approved

Minutes: Commissioner Carlson made motion to accept minutes as presented, Commissioner Borner 2nd motion approved.

Board Meetings:

Commissioner Borner attended Hospital Board meeting Thursday 4th, Discussion about the Hospital DLA grant and presentation on plans to transition hospital from coal to propane heat as insurance to cover coal heat is not feasible.

Commissioner Borner attended Fire Council;

Lori Jett: County Complex would like LED lights. She asked if we can look into better wireless for the Commons. It was also requested that better lighting for the south parking lot at the Commons be installed. Sometime during the winter some generous person plowed the county sidewalk but accidentally took out the sprinkler head over by the south sidewalk where it takes a little jog. They are replacing it this week.

Road Dept: Supervisor Stockert gave an update on Road Department. Millings from the Airport will be stored on site at the Airport. Road Dept is starting hot mix on the roads next week. Stockert reported the 2021 fuel revenue allocations to the board.

Duane Snook, Ron Carson Chuck Carlson requested the board consider signing a resolution they prepared with the County Attorney regarding becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. Commissioners will consider the request.

Des report: DES Coordinator Harper gave an update on progress of demolition on the mitigation project. DEQ is slated mid-July for their mitigation cleanup work. Mr. Harper gave an update on Flood Plain issues he’s been working on.

Fire Warden Russell gave an update on Fire Council meeting: He discussed the DNRC Severity Pay agreement and how that process will go. Justin will reach out to Ron Solberg, Sheriff Lesnik and Supervisor Stockert regarding the Severity Pay reimbursement program. He discussed the Staffing Stations program through DNRC and how that would look and work in our county. There will potentially be a DNRC command vehicle during the severity season.

The Fire Council voted to hire Mr. Russel as an employee rather than on contract. Brad Pheiffer and Jeff Gates will be into visit with the commissioners about the Fire Council Budget and the position they hired on Monday 22nd. (time to be determined still)

Fire Council voted Mr. Harper as Safety Office, Justin Russel as Chair and Jeff Gates as Vice Chair. Thank you to Brad Pheiffer for his 4 years as Fire Council Chair and Steve Tyrell for his service as Vice Chair.

Mr. Russell gave a report on the Burn permit violation and the processes the investigation will follow.

Treasure Hetrick: She gave a quick report on the resolutions before the board today.

Extension Agent Fosjord: Jennifer gave a report on the clean up and weed pull at the fairgrounds. The gates are being extended on the walking trail for handicap accessibility and better ease for parents with strollers and kids on bikes.

Rose Blum gave Commissioners a report on HOTR. The board has a new resident member.

Members of the Board

Rose Blum Chair

Duane Snook VC

Dolly Boyd Sec/Treas

Brenda Vescovi

Donna Marsh

Judy Johnson

DNRC Derek Yeager and Jeff Bullman

Derek Gave an update on fire season, staffing stations and Jeff talked with Commissioners about Trust lands and road easements.

Public Hearing: Preliminary Budget

Opened 2:33

Debi Adolph in attendance via Go to Meeting.

Commissioners discussed upcoming changes to expenditure budget: 1. Request from DES for matching funds for reverted funds grant. The grant is 50/50 match. DES is requesting $4,000 match for new radios and $16,500 match for National Weather Service Station.

Jeff Gates and Brad Pheiffer will be meeting with Commissioners on June 22nd to discuss p/t employee Fire Council Administrative Assistant.

The Library Board requested $5,000 more for the budget

Cemetery Budget will be worked on this week with C&R Tomassi

Hearing was recessed until June 22nd at 2:30 pm, (There will be no quorum June 15th )

3:00 business

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