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Commissioners March 15, 2021 Road Department Meeting minutes

March 26, 2021

March 15, 2021

Road Department Meeting

Commissioner Goffena and Commissioner Turley were present.

Bridge Supervisor Stockert and Secretary Kenner gave their weekly report to the Commissioners.

There was work done on the following roads:

Hawk Creek, Fishel Creek, Dean Creek, CA Road, Fattig Creek North and South, Homestead, Adams, Mosby and N. Delphia. A culvert was replaced on Jensen. DOT inspections are completed on haul trucks. East pit access road being worked on. The new truck arrived on March 17, 2021. Supervisor Stockert is meeting with the State today to look at the trees on Goffena Road and E. Parrot Creek drainage area. He will also be meeting with Steve Terrel and 3 residents off of Spruce road for the West District site. There will be a Wildland Fire Refresher course sometime in April, 2021. The Commissioners mentioned that they may need to have the hole filled from the demolition of the Farmers Union building.

End of meeting.

Last modified: April 23, 2021

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