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Commissioner’s Minutes February 28, 2019

March 6, 2019

February 28, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 11:00 by Commissioner Borner.  Commissioner Carlson was present.  Commissioner Berry was absent.

Present were Candy Kenner and Floyd Fisher.

Commissioner Borner said that the first topic of the meeting is to discuss and decide on which FEMA projects to put on or take off the project work sheets.  The removal of the silt and debris at the ball fields and fairgrounds are a big concern since FEMA informed them that if it is part of the worksheet it will need to be hauled to an approved land fill in Billings. If we take it off the project worksheet the County can haul it to a sight to be land farmed. Ms. Kenner gave the Commissioners the numbers she came up with to haul the silt away with our equipment and manpower (Ms. Kenner has left messages with Florin and Brewers but has not received a call back) a rough estimate would be $534,092.15 with FEMA paying 75% and the County match would be 25%.  Melinda Goodwin with FEMA was called and asked if those percentage were correct.  She said they were with the State paying a portion of the 25%. Call ended.  Commissioner Borner wants confirmation that the County can move the silt to a County site.  Tim Teinnis with the DES Response and Recovery Division was called.  Mr. Teinnis was asked about the 25% match for the County and what the State contributes. The County picks up the first 2 mills and the State does the rest. (1 mill is valued at $13,363.00) Commissioner Carlson asked Mr. Teinnis if the County hauled the silt to a County site what effect would it have on the County.  Mr. Teinnis said none at all FEMA and the State do not care.

Commissioner Carlson made the motion for the County to do the silt and debris removal, Cowbelles bathrooms and the ballfield and the only project worksheet will be for the low water crossing on 4H Road, Melstone Custer Road and Ragged Point Road. Commissioner Borner seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Commissioner Borner said that the seconded topic of the meeting is House Bill 403 generally revising Coal tax laws.  Commissioner Borner said that on Monday February 25, 2019 Representative Daniel Zolnikov requested amendments to the language of the Bill to the House Taxation Committee. The amendments passed the Taxation Committee. It states that an abatement must be authorized by the governing body of the County and all school boards of all affected school districts must be notified of the abatement and the authorization must be made by a resolution of the governing body after 2 public hearings. The abatement will be for a 5-year period and may be authorized for additional periods and will be effective on passage and approval.

Commissioner Carlson made the motion to support the amendments to HB403. Commissioner Borner seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Meeting closed.

Last modified: July 30, 2019

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