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Commissioners Minutes for November 12, 2019

November 19, 2019

Commissioners Minutes for November 12, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 am by Commissioner Borner. Commissioner Berry and Commissioner Carlson was present. Minutes were being taken by Clerk & Recorder Tomassi.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Commissioner Berry made the motion to approve the November 12, 2019 agenda as written. Commissioner Carlson seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Commissioner Berry made the motion to approve the November 4, 2019 minutes. Commissioner Carlson was absent from the November 4th meeting, but he did come into the Courthouse and watch the video of the 4th meetings so that he would be kept up to date regarding county business. Commissioner Carlson made a motion to approve the November 4th minutes but expressed his concerns that Commissioner Berry left the 3:00 business meeting prior to the meeting being adjourned. Motion carried.

Commissioner Berry did not have any board meetings.

Commissioner Carlson had a refuse board meeting and discussed some of the changes in the lease agreements which will then be sent to Mayor Jones for approval.

Commissioner Borner had a board meeting with SMDC in which the Brownsville Grant was discussed. SMDC will be writing the grant for the vaulted latrines. Commissioner Borner has a meeting with CMHD this coming Thursday.

Commissioner Borner spoke with Bob Denning regarding him starting the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 audits. Bob is ready to go on them, just waiting for Wipfli to finish completion on the 2015 audit. Commissioner Borner spoke with Tony from Wipfli and he mention that they can’t tell if the numbers are correct so the 2015 audit will have a “High Risk Caption”. Wipfli is not able to find the missing revenue and this is because the previous Treasurer, Mary Nelson, did not keep records on the Local Option Tax revenue. Wipfli also has a concern about the cutoff of expenditures/understated cash, because they should have been listed in the previous year’s expenditures and they were not. Tony from Wipfli said that they wouldn’t be done with the 2015 audit until the end of the year. Chet form the State will be calling corporate to try and get us the completed 2015 audit sent quicker to us than by the end of the year.

Commissioner Berry mentioned that he would like to get the farmers Union Building wrapped up and completed so that the county can move on.

Commissioner Borner asked the other Commissioners to review the Capital Improvement plans regarding the County’s infrastructure.

Commissioner Carlson discussed refuse tax on FEMA and County owned property. The refuse charge on the FEMA property will be removed on next year’s taxes. The City will be giving the refuse board a list of how many dumpsters there are and how many times per week the dumpsters are picked up. That way the refuse board will have a better understanding of how much the refuse tax should be regarding commercial property.

Maintenance Supervisor Jett gave her weekly report to the Commissioners. Tom Lanter has completed installation of the new windows at the complex and is just waiting for the new doors to come in. There are still complaints about the heat in the complex and Supervisor Jett would like permission to move the thermostat and place it by the courtroom hallway. All three Commissioners gave Supervisor Jett permission to move the thermostat. Supervisor Jett reported that they are working on getting the list completed that the Safety Department left for her to correct. Supervisor Jett will be sending Assistant Janitor William to a boiler seminar December 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Road Secretary Kenner gave her weekly report to the Commissioners. The status of #4 Road was discussed regarding how the county will ever get a clear title from the Jensen’s. Commissioner Borner spoke with Todd Gunderson to see if he has had time to reach out to the Jenson’s and Mr. Gunderson said that he did not. Mr. Gunderson suggested that rather than a letter coming from him, it would be better of the Board put a letter together and send it to the Jensen’s. Road Secretary Kenner said that she will start writing the letter to the Jensen’s. Commissioner Berry said that sounded like a good ideal to get something going because flood session will come again soon. Secretary Kenner asked again if there was any money in the budget so that they can purchase computers. Commissioner Borner said that Ron Solberg has all the money in the IT Budget already spoken for, but the Commissioner will be speaking with Mr. Solberg later today.

Sheriff Lesnik walked into meeting.

Road Secretary discussed the certified letter that Mr. LaCroix never picked up and she wanted to know if she should have a deputy deliver the letter to Mr. LaCroix’s house. It was decided that Secretary Kenner just record that the certified letter was not received.

Commissioner Carlson mentioned that he received a phone call from Karen Leskse regarding Western Road. Ms. Leske is requesting that Western Road be moved up on the list and fixed because she is having trouble driving on it. The Commissioners and Secretary Kenner discussed that Western Road is lower on the list because it is not a school bus route and not a thoroughfare road. Maintenance has been done on it in the past and there are many factors that go into effect for a road to be moved up on the list to be fixed.

Sheriff Lesnik gave his weekly report to the Commissioners. The Commissioner’s discussed the Public Safety Budget and how some items are over budget already. Sheriff Lesnik discussed his budget and about the Coal Gross Proceeds that belong in his budget. It was decided that the Commissioners will contact Darla Erickson from Local Government Services and discuss the proper way to amend the budget.

DES Coordinators Harper and Fisher gave their weekly report to the Commissioners. Mr. Harper has been working with Commissioner Carlson on the scope of work change and budget amendment that he will be sending to the state and to FEMA region 8. The bid advertisement has been submitted and will run as planned. Bid packages are finalized and ready to go. The Billings swat team had a great time training and they will return sometime next month to complete more training. Mr. Fisher spoke to North West Energy regarding power pole removal. Sheldon from NW Energy spoke with Floyd and said that the County will need to send applications in and pay per pole for removal. Mr. Fisher commented that the Musselshell County tax payers are not going to pay for removal of power poles. Mr. Fisher will be following up with Mr. Rodgeheiro this week to see if he has turned in his paperwork to his attorney for the easement. Mr. Harper said that the first 75 burn permit flyers have been mailed out and he would like to see if they can do structure fire training with one of the buildings.

Commissioner Borner, Commissioner Carlson, Clerk & Recorder Tomassi and Treasurer Hetrick were on a conference call with Darla Erickson from the State Accounting Bureau. Commissioner Berry came into the conference call late. The discussion on the conference call was regarding doing amendments to the budget. It was decided that we would need to do a resolution moving money from public safety cash reserves and into the Sheriff’s appropriations.

Public Comment:

Gloria Riddle, Lonnie Riddle and Toni DiTonno was present. Lonnie explained to the Commissioners that they have been trying to get the church building moved now for about a year. There is a tax bill on the building in the amount of approximately $15,000 which covers the last three years taxes. Toni explained that Merle Hunt opened the non-denominational church on the premises and they had Robert Snivley do the paper work putting the paperwork into the churches name. As per the County, Merle Hunt still owns the property. The building that they are trying to move is assessed for approximately $409,000 and Mr. DiTonno explained that they would like the County to give them a tax relief because the building is not worth $409,000. Commissioner Borner explained that the County can not give them a tax relief and there is nothing that the Commissioners can do regarding this issue. Mr. DiTonno said that they will pay the taxes under distressed.

End of Public Comment.

Commissioner Berry made the motion to review and sign the fixed account amendment and option package submitted by Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Commissioner Carlson seconded the motion. Commissioners will go with Nationwide Life Insurance Company Option #1. Motion carried.

Review the preliminary access plan from FWP was tabled.

Commissioner Carlson made the motion to review and sign the First Security Bank of Roundup ACH Origination Agreement and designate Treasurer Darcie Hetrick as the authorized representative. Commissioner Berry seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Commissioner Carlson made the motion to approve SMDC writing the EDA supplemental funding grant. Commissioner Berry seconded the motion. Discussion followed regarding the grant in which it is an 80/20 grant and they discussed some of the roads that will be included in the grant. Commissioner Borner and Commissioner Carlson Aye. Commissioner Berry Nay. Motion carried by Commissioners Borner and Carlson.

Commissioner Berry made the motion to approve SMDC writing the RTC recreational trails grant. Commissioner Carlson seconded the motion. Motion carried.


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