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Commissioner’s Minutes June 3, 2019

June 14, 2019

June 3, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 8:34 by Commissioner Borner.  Commissioner Berry and Commissioner Carlson were present.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Commissioner Carlson made the motion to approve the agenda as amended after Commissioner Berry wanted a 10:00 meeting with Amy Angel added and Commissioner Carlson added dump burning with DES, Commissioner Borner wanted to change the 2:00 conference call to Wipfli and Board of Crime Control instead of DCI and in item #1 on the 3:00 business it should be “deciding on the Request for Qualifications”, not proposals.  Commissioner Berry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Commissioner Carlson made the motion to approve the May 28, 2019 minutes as amended after Commissioner Borner said that she was not the Commissioner that made the motion to review and decide on the bids for Engineering and that it was Commissioner Carlson and also want it added that the Department of Administration was also on the conference call with Wipfli and DCI.  Commissioner Berry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Commissioner Carlson attended the Refuse Board meeting May 30, 2019.  It was discussed that Republic is not coming with 2 trailers to haul garbage and 1 is not sufficient. Garbage is piling up and could be a fire hazard.  There is a 3-year contract in place that needs to be reviewed to see if there is an exit clause to try to address the issue. The Board went to the County Attorney approximately 2 years ago regarding the lease between the County and City. County Attorney Peterson said he was going to get with City Attorney Lundvall to work on it and they have never heard back from anyone so they are working off of an old lease.

Commissioner Borner had no meetings but signed papers for the last FEMA buyout and was busy with interviews and HR issues.

Commissioner Berry had no meetings.

Commissioner Borner had an email from Mark Qualman saying he would be at the June 10, 2019 meeting to address the bids for the hail damage.  Commissioner Borner said we are having our first professional rodeo at the fairgrounds this year and they need to get the grandstands fixed as soon as possible. Commissioner Borner will call about getting an appraisal for a property in the flood zone sometime this week. Commissioner Borner said she saw people monitoring the old Farmers Union property for high water testing. Once the full report is received, they will put an ad in the paper to sell the property.

Commissioner Carlson wanted to discuss burning at the dump. Commissioner Berry said he had a lot of calls about the house that was put in the dump by the Road Department. Commissioner Carlson said there is a lot of wrong information going around regarding the blue house the County owns that was torn down. It was County owned and not part of the FEMA buyout.  It was knocked down inside itself and the bushes put on top.  Not taken to the dump.  The Road Department had taken down an old building that was at the shop and it was what was taken to the dump.  They had taken some cement pieces to the City and were given the key to the dump by them. They were doing the project because it was raining and they were not working on roads. The proper permits were done and given to the City almost 2 months ago. All questions could have been answered with a few phone calls. There was also a question about the tear down causing the sewer to back up in a neighboring home.  City Works Director Sibley went and checked the sewer system and there were no problems.  The backup may have been caused by the 3 inches of rain received in 3 hours, but had nothing to do with the teardown.

Commissioner Carlson told the Commissioners that a Flood Plain Permit Application that is not processed within 60 days is considered granted by State statute. The only way it wouldn’t be is if a letter was sent for an extension.

Sheriff Lesnik had nothing to report.

Maintenance Supervisor Jett did not have a report for the Commissioners.

Road Secretary Kenner gave her weekly report to the Commissioners. The Commissioners are going to talk to Attorney Swimley and Attorney DePuy regarding the alteration of #4 Road. Attaining fund numbers for grants is still being worked on. There will be an IT meeting with Morrison & Maierle sometime next week.  They are working on balding Colony Rd., Horsetheif, repair wash on Ragged Pt and continue on Fattig Creek if possible.  They are blading as many roads as they can.

Private meeting with Amy & Derrick Angel.

DES Coordinator Fisher gave his weekly report to the Commissioners.  Jim Schadweiler and Dave Liggett were present representing the City of Roundup. Mr. Fisher told the Commissioners that they have bought all of the properties in the 2016 FEMA buyout program and he is working on getting the rest of the money that is owed.  Burning at the dump and the misinformation given to the City were discussed and clarified by Commissioner Carlson.

Tory Kolkhorst with Senator Daines Office visited with the Commissioners and gave updates on issues they have been working on.  Indigenous women, access to rural broadband, robo calls, Veteran widows receiving benefits, pro-life awareness and gearing up for the 2020 Election are a few of the issues. Commissioner Borner said economic development is always being worked on to try to get people here, housing and getting developers to build are a real problem for Musselshell County, the Conservation District is working on leveraging dollars for a larger swath of fire mitigation. Ms.  Kolkhorst told the Commissioners that they are also working on getting more PILT (payment in lieu of taxes) money.  Commissioner Berry said there are 2 things Musselshell County does not have, natural gas and water. The Central Montana Water Project really needs funded.

Greg Wilhelmi brought in a letter with signatures of residents that live on Highway 87 S. regarding centerline rumble strips concerns for the Commissioners to take to the Central Montana District 6 conference Friday June 7, 2019 and present to the Montana Department of Transportation.

Treasurer Hetrick gave her weekly report to the Commissioners. The window air-conditioning unit in her office is no longer working. The Commissioners told her to let Maintenance Supervisor Jett know. They need a Superintendent of Schools job description. There will be a change of status form completed for an employee in the Treasurer’s office. CD renewals were discussed.

Lisa Olmstead and Joel Feneis from Montana ADA Access for All, a consulting firm for MDT visited with the Commissioners regarding updating handicapped access curbs on County owned property.

Ambulance Director Solberg met with the Commissioners regarding resurfacing and sealing the parking lot of the Ambulance Barn.

Kathy Pfister visited with the Commissioners regarding the passing of Senate Bill 35- involving County agreements regarding the child interdisciplinary, child information and school safety team.

Public Comment:

Greg Reid with WWC Engineering was present.

No public comment.

Item #2 to vote on adopting a new procedure for how claims are processed was tabled for 2 weeks due to Commissioner Carlson typing up a new policy for Commissioner Borner and Commissioner Berry to review for opinion.  The vote will be at 3:00, June 17, 2019.

Commissioner Berry made the motion to decide on the Requests for Qualifications for Road and Bridge Engineering. There were 2 RFQ received, WWC Engineering and Stahly Engineering.  Commissioner Carlson seconded the motion.  Discussion. Commissioner Berry asked how long the request was for and what projects would be involved?  Commissioner Carlson said 7 years and there are a few that we know of such as the Farrel Street Bridge replacement and 4H Road low water crossing. Commissioner Borner said the County has worked with both companies’ numerous times and they are both qualified. Mr. Reid mentioned that it is common that more than 1 company is accepted and then if the job is going to be more than $50,000.00 the County does not have to do a (RFP) Request for Proposals, they can just send the information to whomever was selected in the RFQ and look for the best bid. Commissioner Berry amended his motion to accept both RFQ’s for Road and Bridge Engineering.  Commissioner Carlson seconded the amended motion.  Motion carried.

Commissioner Carlson will not be at the June 10, 2019 meeting but will call in at 3:00 for business.

Commissioner Berry may not be at the June 10, 2019 meeting also and will also possibly call in at 3:00 business.





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