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Commissioner’s Minutes May 6, 2019

May 13, 2019

May 6, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. by Commissioner Borner. Commissioner Berry and Carlson were present. Minutes are being taken today by Clerk & Recorder Tomassi.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Commissioner Carlson made the motion to approve the agenda as is. Commissioner Berry seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Commissioner Borner made a few corrections on the April 29, 2019 minutes. Commissioner Carlson was fine with the corrections. Commissioner Berry read the minutes and made a correction to a date. All Commissioner signed the minutes.

Commissioner Carlson attended the MCCO meeting, but they did not have a quorum. Commissioner Borner attend the P.E.O. High Tea Fundraiser this past weekend. Cheryl Goffena was upset that kitchen at the Commons was used during the High Tea Fundraiser. Commissioner Borner suggested that the rental agreement needs to be addressed regarding kitchen use. Commissioner Berry did not attend any board meetings this last week.

Commissioner Borner had quotes from the fairgrounds maintenance worker Will Donahue regarding purchasing a bag for the lawn mower. The Commissioners approved the quote from Musselshell Valley Equipment regarding purchasing of the bag.

Commissioner Borner will be attending the Central Montana Health District meeting regarding the mother/child health block grant. CMHD wants the County to contract with them instead of Riverstone Health.

Old Business.

Commissioner Berry has not heard anything from the realtor regarding the sale status of the Wells Fargo Building. The County is still interested, but would like to get some estimates on remodeling.

Commissioner Borner spoke with Mark Qualman regarding the hail damage to County property. Mark has been busy with another project, but he is aware that the County needs the information.

Commissioner Carlson has sent the County Attorney numerous correspondence regarding the flood plain violations and has never received any response back from the County Attorney. Commissioner Carlson will be sending the County Attorney another correspondence email.

Commissioner Berry spoke with Lydia Ciotti regarding the FEMA buyout. Lydia is interested in the buyout program, but wants to make sure she receives a fair price on her property. Commissioner Berry will discuss with Lydia again that the County will pay for an appraisal to be completed on her property.

Commissioner Borner spoke with Kathy Bailey from SMDC regarding the Farmers Union building. The low water assessment has already been completed and SMDC will be receiving the assessment on the high-water level test soon.

Maintenance Supervisor Lorie Jett had nothing new to report and will come back another day to discuss her budget because Accounting Supervisor Amy Angel was not present at meeting.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert and Secretary Kenner gave their weekly report. Supervisor Stockert reviewed the two job applications that were received for the Road Department job opening. The Commissioners approved Secretary Kenner to run the job announcement again for another two weeks.  Ms. Kenner received approval from the Commissioners to start getting their mail and the weed departments mail delivered at the road department instead of the courthouse. Secretary Kenner asked the Commissioner for approval that she could do another joint application for the 11 floodplain properties. Commissioners gave their approval. Which company to use regarding the maintenance checks on all fire extinguishers within the county was discussed. The county needs a company that inspects hoods. Secretary Kenner will check with Terry from Stevens Fire to see if he inspects hoods. Secretary Kenner asked if we the accounting office will be doing budget printouts once or twice a month since claims are now being done twice a month. Commissioners said that the budget printouts will be once a month for now until we officially start using the cloud. Supervisor Stockert reported that 4H road in now open for traffic. Mr. Stockert also reported that Gary Eliasson was upset because he heard that the county was pulling out of his gravel pit. The county is not pulling out of Mr. Eliasson’s gravel pit and does need to do another 3-year lease with him. The 2019/2020 budget was reviewed.

Victim Witness Advocate Allen went over her 2019/2020 budget with the Commissioners.

Treasurer Hetrick and Kathy Pfister met with the Commissioners to go over their 2019/2020 budgets. The Commissioners are going to talk to MACo regarding what to do about Ms. Pfister’s position after she retires June 30, 2019.

DES Coordinator Fisher gave his weekly report to the Commissioners. There were 6 property invoices turned in to FEMA for payment from the buyout.  Mr. Fisher had a resident ask about leasing a certain part of the buyout land.  Mr. Fisher informed her that there is still work to be done on it and she would have to talk to the Commissioners.   Kathie Bailey with Snowy Mountain Development thinks she can come up with a way to pay 100% of the EPA cleanup on buildings in the buyout that have asbestos, lead based paint and PCB’s/COC’s and will be working on this. Mr. Fisher is going to be meeting with HRDC May 7, 2019 to do the paperwork for workers.  After interviews, the Commissioners hired Audrey Walleser as the new DES Coordinator.  There was another Flood Plain permit turned in this morning. The spring fire restriction calls will start May 9, 2019.

Sheriff Lesnik met with the Commissioners with a legal personnel issue.   Mr. Lesnik told the Commissioners that he has 2 officers at Coroner Convention and there are going to be several different trainings coming up.

Adele Fields and Helen Hougen with Melstone Community Gardens met with the Commissioners regarding a lot in Melstone they believe to be owned by the County that they would like to use for the gardens.  The Clerk & Recorders Office will research the lot to make sure it is County owned. Commissioner Borner said she doe not have a problem with donating the lot if it is County owned but will need to check and see what the County needs to do to donate property and will be in touch.

Accounting Supervisor Angel met with the Commissioners with a personnel issue.

Telephone conference call with Kathie Bailey from Snowy Mountain Development regarding the Farmers Unions property cleanup. There is a high-water assessment planned for possibly next week.  Then there will be an abatement for the buildings in May and hopefully the cleanup will be done late June early July.  The County can then declare it surplus property and be sold.   Ms. Bailey also talked about the Recreation Economy for Rural Communities Planning Grant.  There has to be letters of support from community organizations that they commit to a 2-day workshop to do planning activities to be able to participate in the grant.  There are no contributions or match needed from the County.

Justice of the Peace Marking met with the Commissioners to ask about the remodel of his courtroom. Mr. Marking would like Fawcett Construction to start on the remodel.  The Commissioners agreed to contacting Mr. Fawcett.  Mr. Marking would like to give his assistant a raise.  The Commissioners said when budgets are done that can be discussed.

Tammy Bowling, Chad Beckman and April Griffith with the Department of Revenue and Treasurer Hetrick met with the Commissioners to discuss property that did not file for a tax exemption and now has back taxes.  A letter will be sent to the landowner.  Also discussed was the purchase of a Blackmountain module to set up the TIF District.  The Commissioners said to the get the Blackmountain module as soon as possible.

Public Comment:

Virginia Carlson and Edith Sloan were present.

No public comment.

Commissioner Berry made the motion to do an RFP (request for proposals) for Engineering for Farrel Street & Goffena Bridge projects.  Commissioner Carlson seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Commissioner Carslon made the motion to discuss hiring a company for IT services. Commissioner Berry seconded the motion.  Commissioner Carlson said he felt Morris & Maierle Systems offered more services and was less expensive.  Commissioner Berry based on the presentation; Morris & Maierle Systems would be his pick.   Commissioner Carlson made the motion to hire Morris & Maierle Systems for IT Services. Motion carried.

Commissioner Berry made the motion to work with SMDC to apply for the Recreation Economy for Rural Communities Planning Grant.  Commissioner Carlson seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Commissioner Carlson made the motion to suspend the rules to vote on hiring Michele Puggari to conduct an HR Investigation.  Commissioner Berry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Commissioner Carlson made the motion to hire Michele Puggari to do an HR Investigation.  Commissioner Berry seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Virginia Carlson asked about grazing some County owned property that was part of the FEMA buyout. The Commissioners said they are working on figuring out a lease or contract for grazing.  Commissioner Borner said the Recreation Economy for Rural Communities Planning Grant may be able to help with the planning.

There being no further business the motion was made to adjourn.  Motion carried.






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