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Commissioner’s Minutes November 20, 2017

November 29, 2017


November 20, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 by Commissioner Borner. Commissioner Goffena and Berry were absent.

The minutes from the November 13, 2017 meeting were reviewed by the Commissioners Borner and Goffena.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert and Secretary Kenner gave their weekly report to the Commissioners. They received the “Notice of Service” for the Allen Road residence letter.

Public Meeting for the TSEP Bridge replacement program: RECORDED (advised)

Present were:

Kathy Thompson and Robie Culver with Sthaly Engineering, Vince Goffena, Sue Olson, Dallas Teini, Henry Bedford, Mike Goffena, Arlene Goffena, Joe Stahl, Charles Price, Chris Kirk, Ralph Goffena, DES/Adam Carlson and Curt Goffena.


Kathy Thompson Described the TSEP process.

Musselshell County and Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) inspected bridge candidates( over and under 20 feet in length) and can be considered for the TSEP grant process. Maximum grant amount for bridges is $500,000.00 and there is a 1 – 1 match (cash and/or in-kind services) and they are ranked on seven criteria.

1. Health and safety problems

2. Financial need

3. Design approach

4. Long term County Planning

5. Funding package

6. Economic development

7. Community support

Ranked applications are to be presented to the 2019 legislature, there are 5 scoring levels and additional factors taken into account by TSEP i.e. number/type of vehicles that use the bridge daily, number of homes accessed by the bridge, year round or seasonal residences, critical access and safety. There are 14 bridges over 20 feet in length and no bridges under 20 in Musselshell County so they are all inspected by MDT. To ensure competitive grant applications uses levels 3, 4 & 5. This leaves 7 bridges to choose from. Harvey Road, detour 10 miles, Queens Point,( currently being replaced using MDT funding) 4-H Bridge, detour 4 miles, Bridge Road, detour 18 miles (this bridge is shared with Rosebud County) Musselshell Road (Delphia), detour 16 miles, Farrel Street, detour 2 miles, and the Goffena Bridge, closed since 2003 and the detour is 13 miles. As of now the recommendation for the TSEP application is for the Delphia Bridge based on; Higher traffic demand, most impacted land/homeowners, longest detour, not useable by farm equipment. Commissioner Borner told everyone that there is only $419,000.00 in the County bridge fund and the Special Sessions cut $7.5 million from the TSEP funding. This will make the grants even more competitive Mr. Carlson said that the FEMA programs are done for this year but there may be some Flood Plain programs that can add funding next year. Ms. Thompson said that the funding estimate to do a bridge is $175.00 a square foot.

Public Comment:

Dallas Teini said that farm equipment is getting bigger and the RR bridge is pretty narrow.

Mike Goffena, Mr. Price and Joe Stahl said that Tom Berry told them that money was appropriated for the Goffena Bridge when he was still in the Legislature, where is that money? Commissioner Borner said that Commissioner Berry is not here and she was not a Commissioner at that time so she can not answer the question. But she will ask Commissioner Berry the question when she sees him next. Arlene Goffena feels fear for people crossing that bridge and would really like to have it fix. Sue Olson said that the Goffena Bridge has been in the process for a long time. From when she was a Commissioner it was at the top of the list. Interstate Engineers looked at it and she thought they were going to do it, but she thinks there was a misunderstanding between them and the Commissioners and then it was to late, then the flood came and new Commissioners. Instead of doing it all again she thinks we should use what Interstate Engineering gave us and go from there. Ms. Olson asked Commissioner Borner to call the Montana Bridge Department and find out what bridge is next on the list and to ask whatever happened to the Goffena Bridge project. Commissioner Borner said she will and get back to her. Henry Bedford said he would like to see the Delphia Bridge get done but when there is a flood the road is impassable. (Curt Goffena also said the road floods at the Delphia Bridge) Mr. Bedford says we need to look at the whole infrastructure and the total picture. Curt Goffena said to tear out the RR Bridge. Mr. Price submitted a Petition for Goffena Road Bridge Replacement. Mr. Price asked about using Public Domain since the public has been using the bridge. Commissioner Borner will ask the County Attorney. Curt Goffena thinks that a new Goffena Bridge would get more travel than the Delphia Bridge. Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert agrees with him. Mr. Stockert also said that the Goffena Bridge will need to be lengthened and raised due to the hydraulics of a flood. Mr Stockert is very concerned about public safety and told everyone present that the Road Department crew are not allowed to use the rail road bridge at all.

Ms. Culkver and Ms. Thompson said that the higher sufficiency rating the better. They would like a copy of the Growth Policy and the Road Departments 5 Year Plan

Commissioner Borner thanked everyone for coming and voicing their concerns.

DES Coordinator Carlson Gave his weekly report to the Commissioners. There were Fresco Painting discovered on the sandstone in the Stagestop property.

Ambulance Director Solberg met with the Commissioners to give the bids for replacing the siding on the EOC (emergency operation center) building. The will be opened on Monday November 27, 2017 at the 3:00 business.

Mark Qualman with Quest Service Corp., Brian Johnson with Collaborative Designs, Amy Angel, Jay Eliasson, Eric Eliasson, Jack Snider, Stu Sanner, Larry Lekse and Todd Nechkash met with the Commissioners. Commissioner Goffena was present. Mr. Qualman told the Commissioners that they are finishing paving at the EOC today and the final walk through will be Wednesday. The parapet on the Sheriff’s Office roof has been done and only needs a bonding agent. Everyone except the Commissioners and Mr. Qualman and Mr. Johnson were asked to leave the office for the County Attorney to give counsel.

Everyone returned and Commissioner Goffena asked for comment: RECORDED (advised)

Larry Lekse said the big issue was that the since the ad was not ran in the Roundup Record Tribune and Winnett Times, the locals were not contacted about the bid for the Musselshell County Central Commons and had no idea they were even bidding. We need to make sure locals get a chance and we need to work together. Commissioner Goffena said it was no secret that we want local contractors to bid an any project the County has. Commissioner Borner said the County has been good about posting the agenda and meeting minutes. Mr. Qualman has been here every Monday to advise and help. She said that they recognize there have been communication problems and they are trying to update the system. Eric Eliasson asked how they are financing the build? The Commissioners told them that it was from the Coal Board, the Capital Improvement account and the abatement was with help from the Brownsfield Grant. Jay Eliasson asked if they were using the same classifications as Billings. Mr. Johnson said yes. The Building, Electric and Fire Inspectors all contributed. A lot of updated codes are required. The previous Engineers came in at the project costing 1.8 million, then they came down to 1.4 million. Ms. Angel said we want to building to last. Mr. Johnson said that we have no ownership of the stone building.

Election Administrator did the Canvas of the 2017 Melstone Election.

Troy Kelsey with Interstate Engineering met with the Commissioners to let them know that the FAA deadline for a new engineer is December 15, 2017. Mr. Kelsey advised them to call Diane Stilson with the FAA to get the details.

Bill Edwards met with the Commissioners with a bill for repairing the bronze statue.


All Items at the 3:00 business were tabled due to the fact that Commissioner Berry was absent at MACo training.

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