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Commissioners September 8, 2023 Minutes

September 15, 2023

September 8, 2023

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 by Commissioner Turley. Commissioner Goffena was present. Commissioner Pancratz joined the meeting at 9:00.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Commissioner Turley made the motion to approve the agenda after adding signing the letter to the DNRC regarding a Roundup Mesa PER payment and Drawdown #1. (The letter and Drawdown that were signed on August 25, 2023 have been withdrawn) Commissioner Goffena seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Commissioner Goffena made the motion to approve the minutes from the September 1, 2023 meeting as written. Commissioner Turley seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Bruce Hoiland with the Republican Committee met with the Commissioner with precinct boundary questions.  Especially for precinct 3 and 8.

Maintenance Supervisor Jett gave her weekly report to the Commissioners. They will be setting the foundation for the new storage building very soon.  Air conditioners will be put in this Saturday September 9, 2023.

Commissioner Goffena attended the Fire Council meeting Thursday Sept. 7, 2023. They are working on getting a new building for the Melstone VFD. They are looking onto getting a drone for fire detection.

Commissioner Pancratz and Commissioner Goffena attended the Transportation Board meeting on Thursday September 7, 2023.

All Commissioners attended a meeting with CFO Kirk and the Department of Administration for the finalization of the budget.

Clerk & Recorder/Election Administrator Tomassi checked the boundaries of the precincts and the only dispute was it has the NE corner of Section 13 and it should be the NW corner of Section 11.

Ken Stahl and George Hofer visited with the Commissioners regarding safety issues on Colony Road. The Commissioners will check on getting a permit from the Bureau of Land Management to see what can be done.

Sheriff Lesnik gave the Commissioners his weekly report. County Attorney Larsen was also present. Road issues were discussed. There have been many calls and problems on private roads that the County can do nothing about. Residents need to work together and take the people that are not obeying road easement standards to court. They have received 1 application for the 2 deputy positions.

DES Director Russell and Coordinator Rook gave their weekly report to the Commissioners. Next week will be the last week for the staffed fire stations.  The bus for Dean Creek VFD has arrived. They are going to go to the Coal Board to purchase a dozer trailer for Hawk Creek. No new addresses for the week.

Treasurer Hetrick gave her weekly report to the Commissioners.  The School Levies and Cash Reconciliation for August were presented.

Ambulance Director Solberg gave his weekly report to the Commissioners. Mr. Solberg would like to consider buying the property north of the Ambulance barn for added parking. Prices for new computers will be looked into.

Public comment on the Middle Musselshell County Water District Board Members.

Charles Gettleman, John Adams, Sherri Flanscha, David & Wendy Shreeve, Mike Pratt, Troy Hoffman, Warren

Hanson and Theresa Doumitt were present. County Attorney Larsen was present for most of the meeting but had to leave before regular public comment.

Charles Gettleman mentioned a letter to the Commissioners from Debbie Willumson asking for personal information about the candidates.

Mike Pratt is against how the election happened, the members chosen and wants the candidates vetted.

David Shreeve said the members will be bonded for the grants, they will have to take responsibility and they will have good guidance during the process.

Warren Hanson hopes that everyone can get over their differences and let the members chosen learn how to do it without them causing problems.

Theresa Doumit reminded the Commissioners about the Coal Board Meeting September 14, 2023 and hopes the Commissioner will attend and comment on the extension for the Hospital grant. The sinks have been put in the bathroom at the Welcome Center. The roof should be put on in the next 5 business days. Ms. Doumitt also asked the Commissioners to attend the City Council meeting on September 19, 2023 for their support for the Central School Building.

Public Comment on any public matter within the jurisdiction of the Commissioners NOT on the agenda. 

John Adams would like to challenge the validity of the election for the Middle Musselshell County Water District.  Mr. Adams will send the letter to the County Attorney.

Commissioner Goffena made the motion to sign the Encroachment Permit for an approach in Section 25, T8N, R26E W. Parrot Creek Rd. submitted by Dustin Lynch. Commissioner Pancratz seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Commissioner Goffena made the motion to suspend the rules and sign a letter to the DNRC for payment on the PER for the Roundup Mesa Subdivision and the first Drawdown for the PER. Commissioner Pancratz seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

There being no further business the motion was made to adjourn.


Commissioner Turley and Commissioner Goffena did the claims for the first week of September Thursday September 7, 2023.


Claims for the first week of September = $180,137.41


Road Department meeting September 11, 2023

Commissioner Turley, Commissioner Goffena, Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert and Secretary Newman were present.


They will be replacing some cattle guards on Hawk Creek before they gravel. They should be finishing the intersection at the Goffena Bridge today. They will be picking up the freightliner Tuesday September 12, 2023. There are residents on Dean Creek that are not getting permits before they put in a road.  Letters will be sent.

We are going to check on getting a permit from BLM regarding Colony Road safety.


End of meeting.

Last modified: September 15, 2023

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