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December 9, 2022 Minutes

July 31, 2023

December, 9, 2022

The meeting was called to order at 8:30 by Commissioner Goffena. Commissioner Turley was present. Commissioner Pancratz was out of town.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Commissioner Turley made the motion to approve the agenda for the day as is.  Commissioner Goffena seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Commissioner Turley made the motion to approve the minutes from the December 2, 2022 minutes as written. Commissioner Goffena seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Commissioner Goffena went to a Northern Plains meeting December 8, 2022 to discuss Signal Peak Mine.  They will be making an appointment to meet with the Commissioners soon.

Commissioner Goffena attended the City Council meeting on Tuesday December 5, 2022.  They will be writing a letter to Montana Department of Transportation regarding snow removal.

Commissioner Goffena attended the Roundup Reach meeting Tuesday December 6, 2022.  They work on 5 miles of the Musselshell River that travels through Roundup.

Commissioner Goffena attended the Weed Board meeting. The budget was discussed.

Commissioner Goffena and Commissioner Pancratz went to Golden Valley December 6, 2022, to discuss the County Attorney’s salary.

Commissioner Turley attended the Roundup Memorial Hospital (RMH) Board meeting December 8, 2022.  Monthly financial performance in Oct and November have been affected by contract labor and Insurance payment denial and delay. RMH has an increase in clinic visits due to Dr. availability. A recent Flu strain is very active, yet thankfully has not affected hospitalization.  Billings Clinic has received outstanding hospital marks, which is reflective on its influence with RMH.

Maintenance Supervisor Jett gave her weekly report to the Commissioners.  They are working on the snow. Ms. Jett would like to get a bucket full of sand from the Road Department to put down when it is needed in the parking lot.

County Attorney Larsen met with the Commissioners to go over a DEQ Mine renewal.

Sheriff Lesnik gave his weekly report to the Commissioners. They are wanting to add an 8th Deputy to the Sheriff office.

DES Director Russel, Coordinator Rook, Rural Addressing Assistant Gomez gave their weekly report to the Commissioner.  PA Valerie Russell from Roundup Memorial Healthcare was also present. DES is working on multiple grants for the Road Department with Commissioner Pancratz and Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert. There are more people interested in a 2023 FEMA buyout programs.  There were 2 new addresses added this week.  They are hoping they will be finished updating the address maps January, 2023.

PA Russell gave the findings from the Musselshell County Community Live Burn Disaster Exercise Emergency Drill that was done on September 28, 2022 and had been in the making for 9 months. This drill is required for certain grants.  Participants in the drill: Roundup Volunteer Fire Department, Melstone Fire, Melstone QRU (quick response unit), Bull Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, Musselshell County Sheriffs’ Office, DES and Roundup Memorial Healthcare, EMS chose not to participate.  This exercise was a live exercise, planned for up to 3 hours, starting at the Community Stage and ending at the hospital. The EOP (emergency operation plan) for both the Hospital and the County went well. There were some communication issues that are being worked on, such as more radios.

Public Comment:

County Attorney Larsen, Ken Naylor, Warren Hansen, Theresa Doumitt, Cislee Barth, Jake Barth were present. Darren Kopp was present via telephone.

Ken Naylor and Warren Hansen from the Roundup Mesa Subdivision met with the Commissioners regarding forming the Central Musselshell County Water District. After discussion, there will be two public comments after the PER meeting with GreatWest February 22, 2022.

Mr. Larsen, Mr. Kopp, Mr. Barth and Ms. Doumitt discussed some changes in the contract between Musselshell County and Montana Frontier Sandstone for the bathroom at the Welcome Center.  Attorney Larsen is fine with the agreement but wants to change some wording.

End of Public Comment.

Commissioner Turley made the motion to sign the Agriculture Covenant for the SW4 of Section 25, Township 6 North, Range 26 East submitted by WWC Engineering for Musselshell Resources, LLP. Commissioner Goffena seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Commissioner Turley made the motion to sign the Construction Contract between Musselshell County and Montana Frontier Sandstone for the Welcome Center bathroom on Thursday after County Attorney Larsen makes his changes.  Commissioner Goffena seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Monty Sealey with the Montana Regional Water Authority met with the Commissioner with an update on the PER meeting for Roundup Mesa. The meeting will be held on February 22, 2022 at the Commons.

There being no further business Commissioner Turley made the motion to adjourn. Commissioner Goffena seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

December 12, 2022 Road Department Meeting.

Commissioner Goffena, Commissioner Turley, Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert and Secretary Newman were present.

Goffena Rd. update. Road department is waiting for permit for bridge and a permit for Goffena Rd. They have gotten the ok to remove the culvert near the bridge. Road department has gotten all the roads cleared and cleaned up last week. Had a grader down last week, but it’s fixed and should be ready to go for next snow storm. Road department new shop update. The propane tank and lines are installed. And the new heater was installed.

End of meeting.

Justice of the Peace Marking met with the Commissioners Monday December 12, 2022 with a personal matter.


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