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February 22 Road Department Meeting Minutes

March 2, 2021

February 22, 2021

Meeting Minutes

Road Dept Meeting

Candy and Tom present

  1. Volvo truck will be advertised in Roundup Record-Tribune, $28,000 minimum bid. Volvo is also now interested in bidding on this truck, and they will repair engine with new injectors. Refer to RRT Bid attachment.
  2. Informed them that Mike Goffena discussed with Kelly Gebhardt the airport snow plowing issue. Kelly and Mike agreed it was an oversight.
  3. Bob Goffena/Bedford gravel pit is now DES permitted and access to the gravel pit obtained. Tom and road dept will begin work on Bob Goffena/Bedford gravel pit road and the gravel pit topsoil removal.
  4. Landownership cadastral will be verified to determine if large cottonwood trees on Goffena bridge area are in the right-of-way, or located on private land. Must determine if trees must be removed or trimmed. Discussed that it may be possible to have a group of locals cut down trees without hiring a tree removal service to trim or remove trees. Project will depend on the right-of-way, and landowner preference.

Accident and Injury Policy meeting

Meriel Beck and Ron Manderfeld present

  1. Meriel and Ron in office to discuss Musselshell County Accident and Injury Policy. Injury reporting has not been consistent or timely within each dept. Lack of timely reporting may affect Workman’s comp, or health insurance. Agreed to discuss the importance of timely injury reporting with each Dept head.

Snowy Mountain Development Corp.

Cathy Barta

  1. Phone call from Cathy Barta. Said that demolition of Farmers Union Building by the demolition firm will not allow them to remove basement. Building removal is the only item they are allowed to remove. Told Ms. Barta that we will have the basement removed by road dept or otherwise.



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