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January 14, 2022 Department Head Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2022

January 14, 2022 Department Head Meeting.

Commissioner Goffena, Commissioner Turley, Commissioner Pancratz, Clerk & Recorder Tomassi, Treasure Hetrick, Clerk of Court Halverson, CFO Kirk, Maintenance Supervisor Jett, Ambulance Director Solberg, County Agent Solf, DES Director Russell, DES Coordinator Rook and Auditor Denning were present. The Weed Department and the Road Department do not work on Friday’s. Road and Bridge Supervisor Stockert gave his department report for Secretary Hagstrom to read. County Attorney Peterson and Justice of the Peace Marking were not present. Sheriff Lesnik was on a call.

Road= Stahly Engineering finally got the building permit for the equipment shop and hope to start in the spring. Farrell Street Bridge is completed and open to the public. They did not get a Coal Board Grant for chip seal at the last session but will resubmit in the spring. The Goffena Bridge project is moving forward. They are working on legal paperwork to reclaim the irrigation ditch and the get a Floodplain permit to work in the bridge area. They are working on a major buildup area and relocating a section of Goffena Road to straighten past the switch backs. They are trading Paul Goffena for a railroad ROW and reclaiming an old part of the County Road in that section. Nothing has been done with the water well and they aren’t happy. They rebuilt and installed all 3 culverts on 3 miles of East Parrot Creek Road and it is ready for gravel. They reseeded the Bull Mountain Mine #1 at Signal Peak and will see in the spring how much more they will have to do for the reclamation. There have a lot of major repairs on equipment this year so they are tight on their budget. There was also a list of the 2021 work projects done

Clerk of Court Halverson is destroying the allowed old records and making room for storage.  There is a trial on January 26 till the 28th, 2022. They need to work on the temperature in the Courtroom.

Clerk & Recorder Tomassi reported that the office is archiving the old deed books and microfilm.  Filing has opened for elections.

Maintenance Supervisor Jett reported she does turn down the heat over the weekends and it may take longer for the Courtroom to warm up on Mondays. She has been working on snow removal and railings at the Commons.  She will be taking a vacation in February.

Treasure Hetrick reported that it has been quiet in her office but delinquent tax notices have been sent.

DES Director Russell reported the PDMP (pre disaster mitigation plan) will be submitted by the end of February.  The EOP (emergency operations plan) has been updated.  They have hired a seasonal employee to do signs and is now doing inventory. They need a new door for the cold storage building.  Training in February.

County Agent Solf reported that there are 2 more small acreage meeting and they have been going well. There will be a 4-week Estate Planning Series starting Tuesday January 18, 2022. 4H Fair planning has started.

Ambulance Director Solberg reported that they have a new records management program and a “rapid SOS’ system. They received the new ambulance.

Cheryl Goffena asked about a new key system for people that rent the Commons.   It will be looked into.

Commissioner Turley reported that him and Commissioner Goffena went to the Elected Official training. They discussed Black Mountain, budgeting and ethics training. Overall, a good training.

All Commissioners thanked everyone for working so hard for the County and they think we are a good team.

End of meeting


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