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Media Release RE Second Amendment Sanctuary County Roundup Record Tribune

January 19, 2021

Media Release - RE Second Amendment Sanctuary County - Roundup Record -Tribune

January 14, 2021

Media Release – RE Second Amendment Sanctuary County – Roundup Record -Tribune

The Roundup Record Tribune published an article in the January 6, 2021 paper. The article was entitled “Resolution of Musselshell County Board of Commissioners.”  The article stated: ”The following resolution will be taken up by the ‘new county commission’ in the new year.  This resolution  was prepared  by county attorney  Kevin  Peterson  with input from citizens  of the county.”  The foregoing facts as represented to be true are neither true nor accurate.

The Musselshell County Board of County Commissioners has not decided upon whether or not it will address or consider a Second Amendment Sanctuary County declaration. The article states that the Board will take it [the Resolution] up this year which is contrary to the present day facts. No consideration of the published Resolution as written would occur without the Board approving the Resolution for consideration, and without properly placing the matter on an agenda providing for public input and participation. The article misrepresents the facts and is misleading to the public given the matter is not before the Board yet the article presumes that it will be considered for adoption with certainty. The Board decides which matters come before it.

The article also states  the Musselshell  County  Attorney  prepared  the published  Resolution language.  This statement is entirely false.  The Resolution language has been considered by counties in numerous states since 2013, and the oft copied document is not the product of the Musselshell County Attorney. The Board has had no discussion of the Resolution with the County Attorney prior to the publication in the public domain.  A simple fact check online or with the County Attorney would have prevented the disinformation from being published.

The public may learn more about the movement and origins of the Resolution by searching the internet for “Second Amendment Sanctuary County.”

Signature Mike Goffena




Mike Goffena, Chairperson
Musselshell County Commission

Kevin R Peterson




Kevin Peterson
Musselshell County Attorney


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