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Public Notice-FEMA Grant Property

March 10, 2018

It has come to the attention of Musselshell County Commissioners that items such as cabinets, sinks, wood siding, etc. have been removed from two properties currently owned by Musselshell County.  These properties are part of a FEMA grant that restricts the County from allowing these items to be salvaged or given away.  Musselshell County Commissioners never authorized any salvage, nor was the DES Office authorized to allow salvage.  FEMA regulations, not the Commissioners, requires that Musselshell County get these materials back, or Musselshell County (the taxpayers)  will have to assume the financial liability for these items.  At this time, we are not looking at criminal intent.  We are and must collect the missing items to make the Grant whole to protect Taxpayer Liability. If you know of the whereabouts or have any of these materials and have not already contacted DES about them, please contact the DES office immediately.  We apologize if there were any indications from the DES office that this material could be salvaged and for any hardship due to this.  Please call 406-323-2777 to report items and/or if you have any questions. 

Last modified: March 4, 2019

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